A companion needed

Hi. I’m new to this program. I’m 20 y/o and I have this addiction since I’m 15. I feel miserable (& like a hypocrite sometimes). I’m desperate.

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Help me, Tnx.

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I am here for your rescue friend.

Now, can tell me briefly how this works? Tnx

@koylakhadan plz bro. Read this

First of all you have to avoid watching erotica.Erotica is pics, videos, erotic music, erotic stories etc.You have to avoid it every single day.
You have to be fully aware of your actions in beginning. Sometimes after a stressful day Urges to masturbate or have sex comes. In those times you have to meditate. Make a peace or agreement with yourself. Argue with yourself. Your reason of abstaining should be strong enough to keep you going.

You have to meditate in times of urges. You have to awaken your kundlini. You have to know your source of sexual power. Instead of action you have to simply watch your energy rise up to your Crown Chakra ( your head )

You have to work on a Plan. Plan to cut at the root of the problem
Plan is you have to follow a Brahmacharya Life. There are 3 stages of this problem.
:black_small_square:in Stage 1 There is a Stimulus. Here stimulus is EROTICA . We must even avoid a accidental seeing of erotica.
:black_small_square:stage 2 is when we are on autopilot mode.when we dont even want to masturbate but we do somehow. Sometimes We see anything sexy and instantly decide to masturbate or have sex.
:black_small_square: in stage 3 obiously we orgasm from masturbation or sex.
:small_orange_diamond: Hence to break this circle of 3 stages we have to avoid the first stage. If there is no stimulus we should not progress to stage 3.

Now, when we are not providing ourselves with any stimulus there comes times when we get sleepless nights because there is tension to follow the same old pattern of releasing the sperms. The strength of habit was strong and it will have its withdrawl symptoms. So dont worry , endure the pain in silence. Keep patience.

Keeping yourself busy during nofap helps in your journey. As we are leaving our bad habits so now we must make good habits.
Habits like morning and evening running or excercises. Have some goals in your life and work on them. Keep yourself occupied with work and socialize with people.

Diet is also important during this journey. During first week one must take a heavy diet but after that have a light dinner and dont take milk in night. The reason for this is wetdreams.
After doing all this and you still Relapse then here is my golden advice to you :
☆ one relapse will not take away your all progress but you must not relapse twice or thrice in a row as it will bring you to level zero again.
Always learn from your relapses. Why you relapse and under what consequences. After a period of time you will start to See your relapses before it actualy happens and thus save yourself.

I am still learning on my journey and i am not a master of nofap but have an experience of 1 and half years. Still i struggle sometimes but i am determined to achieve a Reboot.


Thanks for the advice! What day are you in by the way?

You admit you feel like a hypocrite sometimes, i know you will succeed.

What day are you in?

8th day brother. Slaying urges like anything.

I’m currently at 9 and a half hours.

It’s almost impossible for someone like me to NOT get stimulus. Literally, any little thing and at any given time can get my mind running. I get that, but I wanna be strong enough to be able to kick that stimulus in the face.

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I recommend you to meditate in the morning and take a cold shower after waking up take a cokd shower to forge your will

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You can do one thing, whatever is your regular place for watching porn and fapping. Just change it. Don’t go there. Tell yourself if I watch even 1 pic I know I’m doomed. However the irony is sexuality is fkking everywhere. From Oscar movies like shape of water to adds like axe deo. It’s all one thing Sex sells. I haven’t watched a single movie in a last 16 days. Fkking hell it is. But I know 1 scene and i would end up feeding the wrong wolf. So I set a target of 31 days. Everyday I tell myself I’ll fap on 32 , on 32 , on 32. I don’t know what I’ll do on 32. I reached 16

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b95f91 current streak 0days feel free to add me

I don’t know how to meditate

I am on 11th day 4 hours. This would be helpful for you.


Like what exactly? Setting myself an award (like saving up money) won’t motivate me enough

Added you bro, im at day 0 and been trying to fight this for a while. Lets climb together just avoid anything that might trigger relapse, if you do feel an urge try exercising or taking a cold shower. Meditation also helps a lot too. We got this fam :facepunch:

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Your motivation should be knowing how better of a person you will be once you overcome this addiction

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I have no idea how meditation works

Reward is a thing given in recognition of effort. Not necessarily it would money. Reward could be the feeling of happiness after doing some thing you are passionate about, like playing guiter, dancing, etc(Productive , creative).

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