50 days reach- REWARD CHALLANGE

This is casual challange to yourselves, not giveaway (just to be clear). Here is the guide :arrow_down:

:arrow_right: Concept is - pick something thay you are going to buy to yourself at day 50 as a treat or gift to yourself. Show it up in this topic with a picture. Idea is to keep yourself motivated by counting days, and you earning it day by day by not fapping.

:arrow_right: You do not need to ask to join this challange, everyone is wellcome and you are the one who keeps track of your results.

:arrow_right: By showing your 50 day reward to others in here, you share your hobbies and interests, which is good and fun topic to talk about and maybe we could see some new cool and interesting hobbies thay we could also start.

:arrow_right: You can post a picture of your reward before or after you buy it, so others can see what is it and maybe you will find some friends with common interests.

:bangbang: One rule - you can only buy it when you reach 50 days. If you cheat, you only cheat yourself and you won’t enjoy that purchase as you would when you earn it with no fap. It will remind you that you have failed every time you see it. If you reach 50 days and buy that reward, congrats, than pick another reward and count 50 more days. This is also a good way to save some money.

:white_check_mark: Treats and rewards is good way to stay motivated. Please don’t leave comments like “my health is all I need”, “be greatfull for what you have”. That is all correct but this is “self-reward and goal keeping system” that will motivate us to stop fapping and PMO.

:red_square: Advices, motivational pics and texts and funny stuff is also ok to post. This is casual and friendly topic and enjoy grinding to your reward by not fapping.

What will be your reward at day 50?


I like mountain bikes. At day 50, I am going to order 800mm bike handlebar. Wish me luck. Are there more MTB riders? :grinning: Day 2/50 :white_check_mark:





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To prevent spam by individual day count updates, you can publish a picture post of your reward and edit text daily, example like in mine firs post of MTB handlebar.

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