41 Questions Challange: That Will Change your Life 🎯 Forever… [3th March to 12th April] START FROM THIS DAY

Date: March-14-2020
Question 12) Suppose Their Is Book Store And You Can Read Or Get Any One Book Of Your Choice. So Of Which Section Book You Will Read ? The One Thing by Gary Keller.

Date: March-15-2020
Question 13) If Your Dear Ones Says One Of This Sentence To You Then How Would They Complete This Sentence By Filling:
° You Should Become the person that you want to be.
° You Should Be In marketing Field.

Date: March-16-2020
Question 14) Which Type Of Youtube Channels Do You Watch, Of What Genre And List 5 Youtube Channels And Whats The Similarity In All 5 ?

  1. Minority mindset - personal finance and investing
  2. Influencer unchained - digital entrepreneurship & beer money
  3. Better Ideas - personal development, insight & mindset
  4. NCS - No copyright sounds - pump up music to stay focused
  5. Gary Vee - Entrepreneurship, lifestyle, mindset
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Date: 28-3-2020
Question 24) When And For What You Get Most Angry And Why ?

Date: March-17-2020
Question 15) What Are The Biggest Problems Stopping You To Search Your Passion ?

I think the perfectionism of working on my business as well as personal development. This leads to me being way to hard on myself I feel down.

This changed for the better 3 days ago though. I just started kicking ass thanks to a digital entrepreneurship fb group I’m in. I’ve just been acting so I have no opportunity to even be a perfectionist. I’ve been working so hard I’ve started having micro lay downs just to get a breather as I’ve been getting exhausted from using my brain a lot.

Also, while I’m not going downtown for as much time, I’ve been walking about 80% of the time I’m downtown vs about 30-50%. I plan to continue doing this because then I can get my Pokemon go fix much faster & waste no time during at foodcourt small talking when I could be working on biz, meditating, reading or what have you…

Sorry for the ramble, just a little back story.

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Date: March-18-2020
Question 16) What’s That One Work If You Invest Time In It And You Will Be Best In That ?
Internet Marketing

Date: March-19-2020
Question 17) When Was The Last Time You Got Idea And You Thinked A Lot For That And You Were Thinking And Didn’t Sleep For A Long Time On That Night ?
On a weekly basis for small ideas & bi-weekly for medium & monthly for large. An entrepreneurs mind is always going!

Date: March-20-2020
Question 18) If I Told You To Write A Small Book And Its Compulsory, So Which Topic You Will Write That Book, In Which Topic Your Knowledge Is Highest ?

I would want to write on how to start using PLR content to your advantage. I’m actually in the middle of writing a 5000 word ebook that I will be giving to my customers on fiverr for fred as well as sell it on the Amazon marketplace.

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Date: 29-3-2020
Question 25) For Which Beliefs And Values You Argue With People Most ?

Date: 30-3-2020
Question 26) If You Get A Chance To Work In A Charitable Trust Then In Which Charitable Trust You Will Work For, And What Will Be That Work ?