27M rjv092 (anuj's) diary

My self anuj want to share my nofap journey.currently i am on 26 days and 20 +hour
Key points
1-this is the second highest streak till now i have joined rewire this is pure no edging but wet dreams occurs 4 times
2-average 4-5 relapsed in every month and it increases in winter 6-8 .
Now i have to overcome wet dreams so i am maintaining a daily routine now am eating less in dinner and avoiding oily and spicy food and doing exercise daily and also trying to gain weight.


When i was in 5th standard i am topper of my class and when in 8th sexual books and stories introdused by my friends and i started reading after that in mobile .in 2008 i started masturbation. And next 2 year spoiled my life.after that i am addicted now 9 year gone .finally i am able to control on my urges

So friends motivate me and advice me for my future to maintain nofap journey

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Daily check in 27 days completed

Today i relapsed after 27 days lost my 30 day challenge.but feeling positive as i completed 27 days this really help me to make me strong now i an not feeling weakness mood swing etc .27 days and maintain a diet really very benificial for me .the result of 27 days awesome.i think if i completed 6 month to 1 year my all problem should be solve.so now i set a target of 30 day from 17 feb
Reason of relapse- late night waking up and i watch fb videos clip

I am back on rewire.today i relapse due to social media content.

You’re doing well dude. Just don’t fight it, do anything else to distrac yourself and you’ll forget it. That works for me.