249 Chellenge (Second Round) [ENTRIES OPEN✅]

Welcome to the Second Round Chellenge of 249 Days

Click Here to See the Last Result of First Round Chellenge.

Anyone Can Join This Chellenge - But the Main Goal is to Leave PMO.


  • Don’t Peek
  • Be Honest With Your Streaks
  • It is a Long term - So Make Your Mindset First
  • Check in Daily to Update your scoreboard
  • Tag Your Friends to Join This Chellenge
  • Share Your Experience at the end of Day Daily
  • Relapse Means Out from the Chellenge for 249 Days
  • Anyone can Join if current Streak is less than 120 days

How to Join

  • Enter Your Name
  • Sharing Code
  • Current Streak by tagging @HitMo

How to get Motivated

In the Previous Chellenge of 30 Days - 8 Participants Lost the Chellenge because of irregular communication. We are here to help each other. If you feel urge don’t get in trap instead come here and try to share your experience. I have learnt a lot of things from previous Chellenge. I hope - All the Participant in this chellenge are winners.

  1. Read Nofap Articles and Blog Daily
  2. Share Your Experience Daily
  3. Share a Nofap Motivating Stories
  4. Share motivational Quotes image or text
  5. Appreciate Each Other by Tagging
  6. Keep Yourself Busy

Connect with me - up0lr7

Download The Nofap Scoreboard App

  • Copy the below Link and Paste it in Your External Browser.
  • You can’t download the app in rewire app so copy link and paste it in your chrome browser.
  • If you are using Iphone the you can email me i will send you iphone app link - [email protected]

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1 DAY current streak


Name - Renegade
Code - ij36fi
Current Streak -12


Hey! @DARSHAN2017 & @ReNeGaDE
Welcome to this 249 Chellenge.
I hope you both are Ready for such a long period.

Invite your friends to make this chellenge more motivating.
Best wishes from this side

Hey! You all are invited to this second Round Chellenge - Give Your best in this chellenge.



Its either now or never
I would like to invite @ChristianMan @UntiltheEnd for this challenge


Thanks for the invite! You already know I’m down for a new challenge!!!


Name: ChristianMan
C.S. 3
S.C. fv39jh

Super stoked to do this let’s goooo!!!


I’m In for the Challenge :fist:t2:

SC : 7gdf2f
CS : 1 Day

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Thanks for the invitation.

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@HitMo I relapsed, can i still join?? Would love to start once again from start

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You added in this chellenge

But always keep in mind before relapsing - Once you out from this chellenge - You have to wait for 249 days to join the new challenge. So either you can go with us or wait😕

Be careful :slightly_smiling_face:



You have to wait until 249 days to join the next Chellenge

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@HitMo from when do we start to check in

From Now @DARSHAN2017

can I participate…I am maintaining good streak

Your current Streak? @weir

I am on my day 46 now

absolutely You can Join
Most welcome @weir

Share You Code and i will add you

but remember that once you relapse - you have to wait until the Chellenge finish to join a new Chellenge.

Hope you are winner of this chellenge.


Day1 check in :white_check_mark: 20th feb 2022

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Thanks for adding me

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