(24 M) Calel's Journey

October 12th 2018
Day 0.
300 Days (Monkmode) strong goal plan. Let’s do this!
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87ff2f4 Day 1! Let’s go for that 300day buddy. Let’s be persistent.

Thanks mate. Will be watching you closely. I am 14 hrs behind you. No complacency whatsoever. All the best to us!

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Day 0

  1. Felt lethargic
  2. Mindfog for most part of the day
  3. Pain in testes during morning hours.
  4. Confused.
  5. Diminished appetite but craving for sweet things.
  6. Presence of paranoia.
  7. Slept really well.

So i am doing monkmode with the clear intention of avoiding sexual thoughts or triggers whatsoever.
Here are my rules for my No fap monkmode streak:-

  1. ULTIMATE- Never masturbating again. Not even when i’m old.
  2. Never ever browsing on a pornographic website/content.
    3.Avoiding any SEXUAL or SENSUAL thoughts of woman as much as possible.
  3. Early morning prayer and strength training, late evening bible study/novel reading/ meditation.
  4. Cold Showers two times a day.
  5. Consuming only whole nutritious foods and plenty of water.
  6. Sleeping for atleast 6 hours everyday.
  7. No certain social media usage e.g facebook, instagram, tumblr for 300 days streak period.
  8. No relationships during this 300 day period.
  9. Social Flirting is allowed but monitored.
  10. Never to be in a situation with a girl that elevates sexual desire i.e two of us in a dark room alone.
  11. Listening to Music only on weekends.
  12. Updating my no fap progress on stipulated periods.
  13. No going to bed with gadgets.
  14. No touching my penis inappropriately except during cleaning and showering.
  15. No procrastination, always do something even on free time
  16. No movies. Just books, motivational vlogs, short videos and audio music.
  17. Uphold rule 1 to 17 with utmost discipline.

Let’s get at it.


That takes a lot of commitment! Good luck man, I’ll be sure to check you are on track as well. Remember to pinpoint the times where the urge usually comes and be prepared! (For me is always at 9:30pm)

I will post too whenever I fall into the flatline, we are going to feel unmotivated and have lots of stress but remember to just keep going.

Thanks for the companionship mate and for the heads up. I am looking up to you too.(14hrs behind you).
How long have you planned to be on your streak?

About the urges. I have never paid attention to time but i always know through my previous urge and relapse pattern that it peaks from day 7 till around mid 15 and i might hit a flatline and i usually feel the urges through out the day and night during that period. But i’ll be paying attention this time.

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I plan to be on this streak for as long as I
can, say I’m taking the 300 monkmode challenge too!

But if I must confess, my longest streak has only been 17 days. But that’s because I thought I had to win this fight for myself.

Now that I got into this community, I feel the need to not let my companions down and fight this together. It has been extremely helpful yet stressing. I’ve noticed a huge increase in headaches and irritation.

I hope I can count on your companion aswell! Let’s keep the diary going every morning and night if possible.

This time has to be the last.

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Hola bro te dejo mi código 35bw5q te apoyo voy en el día 3

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Te apoyo bro …
Pienso lo mismo :+1:


Te añadi, ponder en my description que tu Eres mi comarada tambien, este es el Reto de 300 dias

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@alejandro123 Bienvenido a la rutina. Mirando hacia adelante para ver que tenga éxito. Te he añanido como acompañante.

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@Lumineon You can count on me mate. Discipline is key. Always remember that.

I think Monk mode is not the right mode for a young man.
In this world where sex is used to sell products & where you cant avoid the opposite sex ( nonetheless you live in a monastry situated on himalayas); you are setting yourself for failure & in a very tight corner.

Try Hard Mode, make yourself comfortable with opposite sex & the materialistic world. Monk mode is like taking sanyas which a person should take after 75 yrs of age ( according to ancient hindu teachings)


You are telling absolutely right but what about our bharmcharya which we did not follow till the age of 25 years … bro agar aapko 25 years tak bharmcharya ka palAn karte ho toh aap sanyaas aashram tak pauchonge … Wo cheez toh humne ki nahi toh atleast 5 to 10 years toh hard bharmcharya ka palAn karna hi hai…uske Baad married mein bhi bharmcharya ka Jeevan like 2 to 3 times sex in month …


@Resurrection Hey. I understand you mate. It is the toughest of the No fap modes… But also it is the one with the best results and best for long term chronic fappers.

For me, This mode enables me to undergo self discovery and self mastery through isolation for only 300 days. Offcourse the world has stimulating media through the whole spectrum and beautiful women everywhere. The mode however teaches you mindfulness and Uttermost discipline which leads to self mastery. You are aware from an observatory angle that an urge is about to hit you hard, or unwaveringly glancing at a girl’s tit across a room, or a flatline depression is about to hit you hard, but that doesn’t move you since you are enlighted, conscious aware, mindful, disciplined and not judging yourself or actions in that situation.
So don’t get me wrong that i am against social interaction. Read my number 3(part 1) , 9 and 10 again.

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Go ahead then bro. And shine like a STAR :star:

@Resurrection 22 days behind you mate. Thanks.

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Día 4
Estoy con ánimos y con su apoyo de ustedes es mucho más…:grinning::+1:…lo máximo que he llegado fue 13 dias …llevo 5 meses intentando dejar
esta adicción y cambiar mi vida , volvere a ser una persona positiva en todos los aspectos .
-Hoy a sido un día tranquilo .
VAMOS POR LOS 300 DIAS!! :muscle::muscle:


@alejandro123 Esa es una declaración positiva, hermano. No mires atrás. 300 días de racha es para ti hermano. Es hora de abrazar la transmutación. Mantenerte fuerte. Estoy dos días detrás de ti.

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