[21M] PK's Journey🦈

Hello, it’s PK!

After all the efforts to take down this animalistic action, I have failed a ton of time in the past 2 months.

Ngl I’ve enjoyed, I chose it consciously thinking this would relieve me in some sense. However, the end result always keeps the title of “Regret, Reduced Efficiency & Increased Impulsiveness/Urge”.

The ultimate realization for almost everyone (including me) is, if we keep being entangled with these low hanging fruits of pleasure then how can we aim for the highest ones.

So, my aim currently is to get back to my core self of past which had a deep control over the urges. And with that make it till atleast 90 Days, when I have one of the most important exams and ultimately remove it outta life.

Finally, I am going to journal in short my everyday (although it 70% study, 10-15% workout ,etc) such that I have an accountability factor which I ignored in the first place.


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Day 1
Continuosly pushing to complete my goal till the deadline I fixed.
Did great amount of (calisthenics + running) workout → 700cal burned🔥
Feeling kinda overwhelming rn, due to the humungous works to do.
Still, I’ll do it, whatever it takes!

Day 2
Studied well
About to complete the immediate goals tomorrow.
Did more running today and few bodyweights.
Found that I was losing control over phone usage, with that realization, putting a hold over myself.

Day 3
Pulled off more hours in study
Bringing some changes in my workout , thinking to dedicate a single day of week(1hr) on running other than the daily dose.
Kept a hold on myself for phone usage.
However, I’m still in some self-doubt, feels like I can not connect to my natural element for past couple of days.
I’ll try not to let this feeling bring me down, but to help me reach the actual confident element.


Day 4
Engaged in some household work(cleaning and cooking) so gave less time to study.

Took the daily test, and found there’s some improvement but still not upto the mark.

As mentioned earlier, dedicated a whole hour for running(not continuosly🤣). Burned 800cals today🔥

I will try to be disciplined in phone usage and fix the dopamine meter for myself.


Day 5
Went rough for studies
Could not devote hours coz of some family work.
Did not even went outside for workout.

Day 6
Classic sunday for me where I give tests and take some rest while having good meals.
Although the disturbances were present, I shooted through them and gave 2 tests, analyzed the first one partially.

Modifying myself to be concentrated enough that even in exams where the location may have multiple noise sources, I would still be no hard-affected.
That’s a short goal I realized for upcoming months.


Day 7
Studied half as fixed in my schedule.
However, today was relevant for picking pace.
Renewed my workout after the 2-day weekly break.
//“If you’re in India, we’re in for an amplified distatrous summer soon”//

Also, realized that the opportunity given to me is precious enough to be taken as opportunity of improving life of self and others😃


Day 8
Today was much better than previous day, was focused in the initial hours of schedule.
Did a whole hour of running , max burn to 777kcals❤️‍🔥. Although, I still need to build stamina to a better position.
These days, engaged in family works, so cant peak in hours.

It’s HOLI:smiling_imp: today…Happy Holi to all!!


Good luck brother , keep going strong


Thanks brother!..Keep supporting!:people_hugging:

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You are going great. Keep going.
Enjoy your Holi :maple_leaf:


Glad to recieve your support

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Day 9
Spent Holi well while eating a lot of dishes
I had the instinct that my daytime would be spent with family and no studies, so I extended the timings of night study at the start of 8March.
No workout for today(if I went outside today, then I would’ve been no different than a rainbow :rofl::rofl:)

Struggling to get more concentration and hours on studies these days…but I’ll break this cycle today.


Day 10
The festival is over. Time for pleasure-seeking is over.
I noticed since yesterday that I have rightly regained control over phone usage. It has happened by the challenges I made in my mind.
Another keystone for today was, I continued my intense workout with max burn 724kcals❤️‍🔥…This was special bcoz I actually wanted to get rid of music during workout, and accidentally I forgot my ear buds at home😼
Thus, without any layer of music dopamine, I did well in my workout.

Study Hours will be increased to a new plateau from now onwards…however the problem of concentration still needs to be conquered by me👺

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I feel ashamed but I admit that


Don’t feel like that. You did a good streak. Now get up and make bigger streak than last one. :maple_leaf:

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Bhai bhai Bhai…esi baatein sun kr hi toh andar se aag lgti h…Thanks :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Arey PK bhaiya!

All the best!

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Ha bhai PK bhaiya…ye mt puchna radio kaha h🤣
Thanks for support!

Day 11
Study was disturbed to some extent due to some self-grooming tasks and fapping today.
I was worried altogether that one relapse would destroy the momentum, it does that but to minimize the damage, we need to push ourselves into the pending scheduled tasks and forget about whatever happened.

Good thing is, I still went for workout instead of ducking it, max burn for today was 774kcal❤️‍🔥…my running has increased and improved significantly in last 3 months.

Relapsing is a bad decision to take although, I have forgiven myself for the mistake and raised the stakes to not let it bother my life during the recovery process.