[21M] PK's Journey🦈

Day 12
Studied in a bit better environment.

Pulled off decent hours however, my immediate time-bound goals are still not conquered.
This is because, I’m feeling disconnected with the resemblance of my goals. So, I honestly feel some indiscipline in myself.

However, the workout was a good part, running was great and daily calisthenics too…with max burn 675kcal❤️‍🔥. I’m thinking about changes in my calisthenics as I feel a bit weak these days, maybe bcoz of my eggless + less-protein diet of past days.

It’s sunday, so I will be taking rest from workout and making it a classic sunday which I love to do!

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Today might just be another day for many, but very few will realise that today is the day when they take control of their lives.
Today is the day we shall meet our life with full presence and power.
Today is the day when you make those extra efforts to achieve what you dreamed off.
Today is the day to stop giving an F about what others think of you.
Today is the day when you plan your battle.
Today is the day when you attempt papers.
Today is the day when you meet them with kindness.
Today is the day when you seek forgiveness.
Today is the day when you forgive yourself.
Today you cleanse your heart off your failures.
Today is the day when you are hopeful to do things the right way.
Today has the sunshine your wounds were looking for.
Today is the day when you shut down the procrastination.
Today is the day you don’t just plan but act. Act for the things you are planning for so long.
Today is the day you quit dopamine. Because it kills.
Today is the day you switch off external engagements.
Today is the day when you delay momentary gratification. Gratifications that will ruin the bigger future.
Today is the day you plant your future.
Today is the day you gaze, gaze inside your soul.
Today is the day you heal your identity, you the divinity.
Today is the day you incarnate the powerful you.
Today is the day when you meet yourself.
Today is not just today.
It’s the life day you were waiting for.
Don’t delay,
Make it count, today!

~Credits to whoever wrote…I just found it somewhere


Day 13
A classic Sunday for me, attempted two tests, got good results however, there’s huge room for improvement.

Analyzed them to understand my weaknesses. Also, took rest from any workout. So, no max burns😂

Day 14
Sleeping hours are like 5-6 hours due to late night studies, so didnt realize it was monday for sometime in the morning😐

But, soon picked up pace and later, went for workout. I think I have regained the element I was missing in calisthenics(Yessss!!!) so good amount of it.

Today’s max burn was 540 kcal❤️‍🔥, quite low as per my daily trend . This happened due to some urgent work at home.

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Day 15
Was busy in family plus my laziness overpowered me today.
I realize that today wasnt an ideal day for me regarding studies.

Today’s max burn was 676kcal❤️‍🔥.
I’ll try to recover next day, from this indiscipline in myself.

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I Relapsed today
Pleasure-seeking and the pseudo-needy mentality about pmo of me, led to it.

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Day 16
Tense day solving out family issues.
Studied the lowest amount if I see my trends from past few months.
Workout was damn cool.

Day 17
Better than previous day in terms of time to studies and concentration.

All the faltering patterns for the last 10 days are going to be perished in 2 days.
I’ll putting myself on a whole new level to operate on. Keep your eyes open😀!

Today’s max burn 677kcal❤️‍🔥

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Day 18 & 19
No exhausting workout and no such excellent study performances.

But, just wait until today😏
It’s sunday, and I’m gonna make it my classic one.

Day 20
Manifestation of this fresh momentum fructified. Gave two tests, analysis is ongoing.
Rest-day regarding any workouts.
Had a great meal at night😀.
Now, it’s MONDAY!

It’s time to maximize all the parameters and achieve my targets for my final showdown.

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For which Exam you are preparing for ?

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Civil Svcs.
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Day 21
Put up hell of a fight against urges, laziness and indiscipline. And, I won today!

All of my today’s goals completed.
The first half of workout felt a bit unsatisfactory probably due to 3-day rest, however I left no stones of satisfaction unturned in running(2nd part).

Max burn for today was 589kcal❤️‍🔥
This trend would continue for the coming days🤘

Day 22
These days, I’m feeling like a warrior.
I put my guard up against those urges and told myself “that aint right…you gotta forget anything related” + clearing my thoughts and dopamine levels.

I was close to completing all the daily goals, but in last 2 Hours, got distracted heavily by the chaos created by earthquake.

Workout was perfectly fine, however I am working through an injury in the hands, the skin has torn at the junction of fingers and palm.

Due to this, I have increased the weightage of Running.
So, for today , Max burnnnnn 655kcal❤️‍🔥!

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Day 23 & 24
I dont know how I’m working with just 5 hrs sleep everyday for last 4 days. Although, I had urges + sleepiness but had to conquer them with a 10-15 min nap in a day.
I have to admit it with shame but on 24th Day, I RELAPSED

Workout on 23rd day was good with max burn 664 kcal❤️‍🔥 and on the next day, it slumped to 423kcal .

Maintaining this vigour, let’s move ahead with abstinence👊

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Day 25
Today, felt kinda weak in the calisthenics workout. Maybe that’s due to no deep and less hours of sleep.

Did good job in the studies ,completed most of the daily goals. Still, I see myself working only 70-80% of my potential, I think i need to push more .
But, I will push only after correcting my sleep cycles in few days.

Today’s max burn was good enough, 666 Kcal❤️‍🔥 that’s due to good amount of running.

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Day 26
I was unaware of my conditions, until I realized that it’s an unusual burnout😮‍💨
So, microscopic hours of productivity.

But, guess what, I am coming strong today, its sunday, so I’ll make it my classic one😎

Not to forget, max burn for today was 602 Kcal❤️‍🔥

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Day 27
A rest day in regards to workout.
I will take one more day for rest to rejuvenate my tore palm skin, so that I do better at workouts.

A Classic Sunday as I mentioned yesterday,
3 Tests given, soon going to analyse one of them.
Had ample amount of sleep in morning to correct the sleep-scarcity in my body.

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Day 28
Another rest day in note of workouts.
Sleep hours were way too high.
Decent study hours for today.
However, it’ll increase to much greater extent from today.


Day 29
The rest cycle is over.
Did a great deal of workout, dominated by calisthenics and decent running.
Study concentration and hours were also good.
Max. burn for today is…667kcal❤️‍🔥


Day 30
A bad day in some sense🥲
Calluses on my palm arent recovering easily, so calisthenics for today was in lite mode.

While one of the segments of my workout, I just strained my muscles in upper back(including lats). I think the pain would persist for some time.

Even when I thought of running, I got interrupted by rain🤡

Apart from this, my study went decent, not a high note in it so, I am trying to just extract out pmo as it has become more frequent in recent weeks for me.

Since I need more of my mental power to transform into more concentration and hours, I require strict steps.

Max. burn was 425 kcal❤️‍🔥


Day 31
Honestly, I am not feeling good regarding studies. Even though the hours get decent but still I feel a bit fatigueness.

If I get upto more of my potential , I can complete my daily goals which I didnt complete today.

Apart from the problem, the good thing is I aint stopping anywhere, I am progressing everyday.

There wasnt any workout today due to rains outside and my upper back muscle strain. So, no max burnss😮‍💨 .Lets see what happens next!