[21M] 40 days commitment Shambavi mahamudra dairy

Day 1

This is my first time me posting some content here.
I am a 21 year old male doing my engineering degree in electronics and communication in one of the college in kerala. I have been passionate for aviation and for beeing a pilot for a long time since my childhood and like to work hard toward it. This app have all ways help me to keep track of my bad habbits and bring some changes in my life.

I am writing this dairy to keep track of my shambavi mahamudra kriya practice which is a really power full 21 minute yoga practice and to share my daily experiance in it. Its almost 1 year now since i started practicing it but still now i havint been able to complete my 40 daya mandala because of lack of motivation and not been able to manage time properly

I wake up at 5:30 today
The alarm was set for 5:00 but woke up at 5:00 i wanted to take a bath first and do the practice. Yesteday i came across a blog on the internet about shambavi and how it turned out to be a really amazing for the author of the blog she mentioned about the importance of

  • giving your full commitment to the practice
  • maintaining the right mind set doing the practice
  • make the practice alive throw out the day beeing
    aware throw out the day

I have experiance going throw high level of energy and some kind of shivering in me occasionally while doing the practice but it never stayed because i was int consistent

Todays practice went well there was not any noticeable change but yaa i started i have heard people saying it will start showing result in 1 week or soo… i am waiting

After todays practice i promised my self that i will be aware of my tendencys thorow out the day like getting hungry craving for junk food, feeling of lazyness etc etc hope it will works fine today

And thats it for now…i will update how the day went for me tonight (2 entry’s a day thats what i am planning)

Since its my first time i am not sure how to actually write a dairy here or how things work here and i really appreciate if you can enlighten me on that if i am missing some thing… hoping to meet some new people here😌.


Day 1

Today my goal was to be aware of my compulsions. I was aware of it throw out the day i noticed the compulsive procrastination in the morning instead of falling for it like yesterday i noticed it and brought a change. I was feeling a little bit tired and sleepy in the morning and there was no much motivation to do any thing eather. The day could have ended up in a full day procrastination. But since i really wanted to complete my 40 day mandala knowing it will bring good amount of wellbeing to me i decided to find my way out of this pattern of procastination. So i took a 1:30 min plank and few push up the planks made me active again. And for 1 and a half hours i did some brain games from lumosity app it was fun and satisfying and recharged my batteryes and made me alert too… i am looking forward to make it a daily practice to work on my memory,multitasking,attention and few other important cognative skills i was also finding a way to restart my super learner course on udemy for speed reading i know it would be a life changer.

Aftenoon practice of shambvi mahmudra was way better than the morning session i could feel lot of energy and doing the practice i felt a lot of heat in my body doing the kriya which is a good sign
rather than just doing it

  • how you do it
  • how intensely you do it
  • how much you payattention to you breathing and
    small sensations in your body during practice
  • your mind set
    All matters

So far things are going good day 1 was a good start :relieved:.
See you tommorow


Day 2

I was a bit late today woke up at 5:45. Took a cold shower and started my practice i did payed attention to the kriya and was aware too some kind of electrifying felling mild one…the one that you get some times when you see your crush all of a sudden it was there…i payed a little attention to it trying to intensify my kriya but compared to yesterday evining it was not that intensive. Today i decided to be aware when talking to people and to be aware of my social insecurites like the awkwardness that you get while you are walking and a stranger comes directly facing you. Etc etc these things will take a lot of attention and focus to do it without getting distracted.
Also played my memorry games and did my planks and push ups it was fun i am enjoying this.
Lets see whats waiting for me today



Sambhavi Mahamudra is a powerful mudra for quitting PMO

Al the best

Yup it is thanks , infact it can do more than just quiting pmo too

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I know bro… I am also doing that

Hai happy to see like minded people here…how long have you been practicing

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Day 2

Today i was aware of my social insecurity throw out the day… nothing showed up during morning infact my small training for working memory is paying of i am now able to focus more in class it felt good. Today in my class i saw a really nice girl if it was the old me i would have ended up enjoying her beauty throw out the class but this time i was beeing aware of every single emotions and desires that was in me i had enough wisdom to understand it was some thing compulsive and i got out of it really fast… It was so good to feel really socialize in the class today. Doing the practice have increased my social skills felt like i am getting smarter at talking to people made some people laugh today with my jokes rarely used do that before. In the morning it happened like worlds come out of my mouth just like that with ease the right world at the right time…right jokes at the right time…its really satifying to see ones brain beeing really active i think thats some thing that every one is capable of you can completly remove all kind of fears inside us…after noon some of my energy drained off but i was constanly remind myself of the practice and tryed to be aware as much as possible.
Eveing i spend some time with one of my friend dont have many but starting to find new friends and sarting to talk to new people with decreased social anxity i still have some small problems with talking to people still and i am aware of that trying to get better at it. Most of the time we make stories and conclusions about life its important to break those conclusions and ideas and see throw it.

Today i got some free time in lab so i wanted to read some articles about working meomory and how the luminosity app works the science behind it did that at the lab since the teacher was not around and played some esacpe the room games too felt alive

As for today i am really greatfull for feeling

  • really active during morning socially
  • find my self more comfortable in groups
  • understanding about my memory and my
    cognetive skills and greatfull for the people who
    made the techiniques and games… so that i can
    improve and increase the quality of my life throw it
  • improving my communication skilles
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Day 3

Today i wake up late 6:00am well i dont want to make it a habbit waking up late , i woke up at 5:00 am but the thing was i decided to sleep for another 10min and i didnt notice 1h has passed.
Today the practise was not as intensive i was seeing a lot of thoughts while doing the kriya but i did my best to be aware and focused. The viparitha swasa was nice since it opened up the bloacked nose strills and the experiance was good.

Today i decided to be more aware when i speel like to use the right words when i speek to be aware of my words and thougts when i speek to some one and use my visual memory too while speeking .

Hope it will go well see you in the eveining

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Day 3

On day 3 my goal was to be aware all throw out the day and use the right words while having a conversation but it didnt go well as planned…think one needs more energy and awarness to do that+ good working memory i could here and there be aware of me speaking but i cant maintain it there are times in the past that i did it but i am not able to maintain the awarness for now.

I think its better to observe my self and bring some self understanding first before i start to bring some serious changes i think its important to first understand where we are in life.

In overall today was not that great but i could see some perment changes in my life compared to my older self which is good.

After class i was totaly exhausted. usally i had this habbit of just scrolling throw youtube and other social media platform when the day was not that great and i dont have energy left i did just that today even pmo comes to the surface during this time. But i know i was tierd and didint try to force my self… slept there on the bed some times with my mobile and after that… started doing my evining kriya evinning kriya was good better than the morning. So after that i came across a book called “four arguments” the ideas and facts inside it are soo acurate and helpfull i just had a summery of the book and it was interesting probably i should get the book.

He menitioned this in his book which was
“Some days will be bad and some days good but if you are focused on your goals and well-being the no of bad days will be less than the good days” i found it relatle during this time.

Today i was in between an existancial crisis i was thinking what if every thing i do is a waist of time any way i am going to die right then i thought about it differently what the point of life if you never try to come out of your comfort zones and problems and die … its better to bring a change have a lot of understanding about life rather than to waist time doing things that i dont want to do

What i am greatfull for today

  • beeing able to me confortable in group and socity
  • beeing able to speek well than usual
  • started practicing on my working memory
  • not beeing messing up even its a bad day
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Day 4

Todays practice went well, today my goal is to be aware of my conclusions that i made about my self to see that unconscious part of me thats controling and limiting me. I want to be aware of it. The lack of confidence, i just want to be aware simply throw out the day identifying these things.


Day 4

I tryed to be aware of my conclusions today and i could feel some reistance in me going throw the day some small small insecurities poping up here and there, like when i want to fully express my self (meaning like when you can just be free and be who you are) infront of a person that i am not that familiar with there was some resistance in me. It can be eassly changed by exposing my self to more situation like it and beeing aware of it and trying to make a change but its important to maintain and the energy and motivation up thats where my kriya help me. Earlier when i was to inesend for life i use to get the same feeling but then it used to hurt me and make me feel bad about it …so i avoided situations that make me feel bad that in turn reduces the energy and due to decreased energy again same mistakes and it gooes as a loop. I avoided and avoided and avoided but now i realize that if you face it without being afraid of it, its not that of a big deal and ones again its those small conclusions that set in ower mind which take away lot of ower confidence and energy the remaing day nothing significant happen…but i am getting a feeling that i am deviating from my goals so i am writing down my goals ones again

  • To have a better working memory and overall
    improved attention so i can be independent and
    work things myself out rather than depending on
    Any one
  • i find my self hard to speek some time like the
    My talking is not that clear the right world dont
    come at the right time and i usually forget peoples
    name and some important word and names that i
    suppose to remember so training my visual and
    working memory is really important

I am noticing that most of the time i am just
planning for what to do i have a rough idea about what to do and how to improve my self its playing in the mind but i am not appliying it into the world in my life it some times stuck in my head as thought whats the use of it if i am not applying it in the real world

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Day 5

Today i woke up at 5:15 got about 5 h of sleep and i think that enough considering i am feeling fresh after waking up.

Todays kriya went well i felt that heat in the body building up while doing the kriya
So today i decide to be aware of the informations surrounding me and try to capture it, most of us move throw the world unconsciously without noticing any thing today i want to be aware of the things like whats name of the watch man outside the hostal remembering the name of new people that i meet and reading out notice boards and rembering things needed using my memory palace and visual memory techniques that i learned from super learner udemy cource also to remeber terms and name of things and concepts from my classroom
see you in the evening :yin_yang:

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Day 5



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Day 6

(Why nill - because my last dairy took 30 min for me to type and i was adding things which was unnecessary for the dairy so i just cleared all)
(My main goal is to document my whole experiance with shambavi and its benifits so i will try to be straight forward from now onwards)

Today i woke up late 6:00 due to the fact that i sleept at 12:30pm which is pritty late for me …and also can effect the consistency if the sleep is beeing compramised.

Doing the practice today i decided to skip the preparatory assanas because there was no much time, i did just the shambavi but unfortunatly i ended up extending the shambavi 40min instead of 21😂(time just fly i dont know how). Need to work on the timing

The kriya was good today there was that heat in the body and i was trying to be aware of every thing that is happening primarly focusing on breath. Comparatively it was good aprt from the timing

So today i will be applying the things that i learned from the book the four agreements

  • beeing impeccable with words
  • dont take anything personaly

Day 7

Its a week now since i have started shambavi…doing consitantly…Yesterday night i was searching for some important details about my carrier and went to bed late i was planning to write the eveing dairy but unfortunatly i fall a sleep in between.

Today morning. i was a little tired woke up at 6 o clock. I know doing the kriya will let me get back on track so i after bath i did the kriya i was trying to be aware of my full body but i am finding it hard to maintain my awarness during some days compared to the other. I body started heating up during the vipareetha shwasa i and there was a feeling of wellbeing after doing the kriya.
Well after doing the kriya i sat there noticing my self to see whay should i do today to keep the practice alive throw out the day so decided to remind myself about the 5 important things that i leraned in the IEO.
See you in the evening

Day 7

Today i tryed to keep the practice alive for the entire but i was not much active for the day since it was a sturday and i got distracted verry much throw out the day. Well after noon i went for cycling which helped me do the kriya better in terms of posture and awareness but there was no heat sensation in the body today.

Today i learned to be more specific about my to do list like instead of just writing down what to do if i mention when to do and in how much time it make a hell of a differents

Day 8

Today i woke up at 5:45am with really must up thoughts maybe its because i my urges was showing up yesterday and i was constantly thinking about it. Well while brushing i reminded my self how i am thinking about doing things but not doing any think. Thinking about doing things will make you feel like you are doing some thing but the fact is its just thought it will keep you engaged but will never make you move forward(or one can see an idea as a seed that you plant in your mind the seed itself cant do any thing but if you put some action for the seed like water it and take care of it there will be fruit in case of life watering an idea in your mind is to act and the rewards that comes out of that idea is the fruit ). Well after that i took a shower i was reminding my self again and again about working for the present moment.
Morning shambavi was great while sat down and started doing my shambavi i reminded about the 5 teaching from inner engineering. I also noticed that my mind was constanlty jumping from one thought to other. But still i maintain some focus and kriya was fine

Day 8

Evining kriya went well althow i was not able to feel any heating sensations in the body i was able to focus better than usual.

Today i completed the 4 argument book it was amazing. Every single thing in that book make sense to me as if its a personalized guide book.

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Kerala, Really. I’m from Kerala too. Also took Electronics and Communication Engineering

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