📕 2023 Self-Improvement Journal

Sorry to say this but I deleted the diary due to some diary issues.

I won’t create a diary soon. If I need, I will make it in future.


Classic, hope you doing fine.

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Yes I am doing fine. :smile:

Consistency is key. It’s a simple statement but it has profound meaning. You have to stay consistent.

You have taken the first step, that’s exercising. Now you’re gonna have to educate yourself on nutrition and then apply that knowledge. You will have to remain in a caloric deficit. You can do it bro. I’m sure you’ll be posting pictures flaunting your six pack abs in the years to come :muscle:


Yes, sir, I am on it.


Relapsed again…fuckkkkkkkkkk

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Do you know that when your body masturbates it drains your calcium and protein as well as your testosterone (the hormone responsible for muscles)? Bro please try to avoid it as much as possible in your journey. The thing is now you will feel weak and everything you eat or drink your body will use it to recreate semen. Not make you energetic and you won’t see many big changes. After a week of Nofap testosterone will be boosted 145% you will feel really powerful!
All the best.

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I am taking leave from this community for some days. I couldn’t maintain my streak.

I can’t even keep a 1-day streak. I am an fucking pathetic loser. I will come back only after maintaining a good streak. Watching other people achieve 10+ days makes me envy them.

I am angry and fucking depressed I relapsed. Fuck…

Goodbye guys.

I’m not sure if that will be helpful. But if that’s what you think is the right thing to do, you should do it buddy.

When I returned to this forum, I made it a point to add only a few companions who I’ll interact with regularly and who had a similar streak as mine. That way I was having a sort of secret competition with my fellow companions. It’s something that motivated me to stay on the right track.

I did have a few companions who were doing far better than me, such as @mayorRP . I looked up to them. I never envied them buddy. Because we are in this fight together. I’m 28, and I’m assuming you are a lot younger than me. If that’s the case, your libido must be a raging beast causing you to relapse this often. But you should be proud that you’ve joined the fight this early. Victory will take time, battles will be lost but we must win the War.

Here’s a video that might change your perspective on things and how you view your fellow companions.

But it’s still your call buddy. If you do decide to leave the battlefield, we shall wait for you to be back with reinforcements :shield::crossed_swords:


Hey @CoffeeMan , how are you doing?

I’m doing great. It’s day 8, and I’m still going strong :muscle:

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These are the things i love to hear. Keep going

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I am back bro. Stronger and sharper


Welcome back buddy!! :fist_right::fist_left:


I am back on the journey. I feel powerful and mighty. I have some kind of burning spirit inside me now.

I got angry and depressed at myself after my last relapse. But I didn’t give up. I am back stronger and sharper.
My heart was always saying not to give up and it was reminding me to continue my journey.

Also, I have 2 more exams coming and they are on
28/02/2023- Business Regulatory Framework
10/03/2023- Corporate Regulation Accounting

Dad is also helping me to study. He is tutoring me in these 2 subjects now and I am glad I am spending time with him. I got a very tight schedule laid down by dad.

Also, I feel sad I won’t be able to go to Hyderabad. My friends invited me on the trip and I was excited but yesterday the timetable came and I had to cancel my train tickets. Dad told me he will take me on a trip after I clear my exams.

Well, that’s the update. For now, I gotta go. Need to finish the topics dad told me to study.

The fight is on, Bring on the urges and watch me beat them and slash them.


All the best for your exams buddy! Remember, motivation is fleeting, discipline is the key.


Bro admiration from my side for revealing your body. I wish you reach your goal fast. Best of luck for the examss.


Thank you bro. I am trying to be very consistent and determined.


Thank you, bro. I am changing my fat body to a slim body.
Father always motivates me and tells me to burn that belly fat and I am on it.


Absolutely bro, nothing beats the power of discipline and hard work.

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