2022 Last man standing challenge

Hello brothers and sisters,
This is only for those who wants to change their life in 2022… you can add your name here… we will collect all names who want to take this challenge…
But it’s very hard challenge.this is only for courageous titans !!!
One relapse means :x: before your name…after somedays everyone will eliminate from this challenge…the last person will be the king of this group !!! :imp::smiling_imp:

no second chance !!! If you are thinking for second chance means you are not serious…you are just wasting your time…

@_TIGER can eliminate any player if he did any mistake in his streak…beware…someone is watching your streak daily…:fire: …you can’t cheat :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

one relapse means elimination

What will we do in 365 days???

  1. "DAILY CHECK-IN " type in this group "check in "-streak(except for those who have no time or they are using r.c app very rarely)
  2. post motivational videos and pics anything which helps in no fap.
  3. post your daily routines here…
  4. if you are getting urges then talk with any companion here…
  5. read EASYPEASY book :books:
  6. any doubt then ask here…

remember 365 days no fap.

Urges Killer Steps:::
:fire:How to Deal with Urges ? :fire:

1]Take A Cold Shower Or Splash Cold Water On Your Face.

2]Exercise until you are exhausted

3]Block ■■■■ using a screen accountability software or throw your phone.

4]Go for a walk

5]Listen to good music, Watch good stuff like good movies etc.

6]Start doing meditation :person_in_lotus_position:

7]Start studying, it will divert your mind. :books:

8]You can even help your mom to clean your house. 💆‍♀

9]Play any outdoor sport. This will help you to identify your inside’s Ronaldo, pale, Tigerwoods, Sachin, Bolt etc.

10]Avoid Eating Onion and Garlic.

11]Record your Video while urge hits and watch it next time it hits you again.

12]Holding Your Breath

13]This is a very simple technique. Whenever you experience a strong urge, simply hold your breath!

14]Your body will often quickly forget about the urge as it deals with the sudden crisis of oxygen deprivation.

It is better to practice this technique with as little air in your lungs as possible (just push all the air out of your lungs by contracting your abdominal muscles before holding your breath), as the less air in your lungs, the faster your body will go into “crisis mode.”

Moderator : @_TIGER @Ash_Matt @The_integrous_one @Tagore @AmanJain @NeverGiveup420 @nofapstar123 @rewire_user

If none of the suggestions given work, then lock your hands and feet LOL!

data required like this

:white_check_mark:1)_TIGER 20M-uv0i08(H.S-278D)


Scoreboard : :crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::white_check_mark::white_check_mark:

:white_check_mark:3) AwakenedSoul4321 88zaxh (HS 46D)
:white_check_mark:4) Alphadude 18M- q0h68q (H.S-120D)
:white_check_mark:6) Aneeque444 23M- 2b6eb1 (HS-49D)
:white_check_mark:13) Amitansudas 19M- 3hsde2 (H.S-18D)
:white_check_mark:16) Ambitious_Soul001 29M- pym1aa(H.S 254D)
:white_check_mark:24) Mufasa99 - M27 - vz3xh4
:white_check_mark:26) Mr.Eighel 17M-2angks (H.S-3D)
:white_check_mark:29) Sherlock.Holmes-20M- 5rhpdw (H.S-29)
:white_check_mark:31) Sige369 24M- 1cvc2l (H.S-78D)
:white_check_mark:34) Sourav1209 7fbvbd (HS D)
:white_check_mark:35) Servus - rj6jfl - 17y
:white_check_mark:38) Sikanderr - 20M xhkevj (H.S - 29D)
:white_check_mark:42) Sober 20M-rehhyi (H.S-25D)
:white_check_mark:47) Swapnil - vovxiq576)
:white_check_mark:49) Spartanking2473 bruzfb (HS D)
:white_check_mark:52) Rahul 20M (HS 14D)
:white_check_mark:53) Richard21 - M22 - 75m1ry - (H.S: 182D)
:white_check_mark:55) Rewire_user 18M - ko8y31 (H.S : 100 days )
:white_check_mark:56) Rajul9 M23 - (H.S. 78D)
:white_check_mark:63) Huyi - 155jjh (21D)
:white_check_mark:64) Hyphaleronin 15M- aqaelk (H.S-11D)
:white_check_mark:67) Hubinho - 24M - pkq1io - HS94D
:white_check_mark:75) Changeforbetter 00M- lbinlg (H.S-00D)
:white_check_mark:78) Calmself y6jmo7 (HS 14D)
:white_check_mark:81) InspectorNorse 29M - pb3ejz - (H.S 35D)
:white_check_mark:86) GOVIND-19 200q6a (HS 353D)
:white_check_mark:87) Loser9 (HS 71 DAY
:white_check_mark:88) LonelyTraveler 31cbwi (HS 37D)
:white_check_mark:89) Juvenal 35M - b28cf21(H.S-42D)
:white_check_mark:92) Existentialcrisis69 18M- jon4hd (H.S-19D)
:white_check_mark:99) 1234Manu 0hzmmw (HS D)
:white_check_mark:101) Inkara c77t7r (HS D)
:white_check_mark:102) Ignecio - i4np97
:white_check_mark:103) Dyna 15M- 1cvc2l
:white_check_mark:108) Bhagirath - M23 - okzpe6 ( H.S.: 327D )
:white_check_mark:110) The_Resilient_One 22M - 0nin9f (H.S - 171D )
:white_check_mark:111) John832 22M - oettp1 (H.S - 182D)
:white_check_mark:114) For love 20M-5c3ajm (H.S-208D)
:white_check_mark:122) User86385 (HS 14D)
:white_check_mark:123) Yemzo -. (14D)
:white_check_mark:126) Vivek - o7l8mr (195D)
:white_check_mark:128) Valiant warrior 21M- aeo22v (H.S-28D)
:white_check_mark:131) Winter457 - 5cytfk - 0D
:white_check_mark:133) Rohitash 35M - i107b0 (HS - 49 days)

Updated -2 Jan 10.46pm
Updated -7 Jan 3.56Am
Updated -12 Jan 7.00Am(@_TIGER)
Updated -17 Jan 8.44Am
Updated -22 Jan 5.52Pm
Updated -27 Jan 8.52Pm
Updated- 1 Feb
Updated- 11 Feb


Season 2 :

last man standing challenge :

:white_check_mark:1)_TIGER 20M-uv0i08( H.S -365)
:white_check_mark:2) yashnofap01-19M-o4889f (H.S.-20)
:white_check_mark:3) piyushchandak-18M- 1dm46a (H.S.-30)
:white_check_mark:4) pingpong1-22M-q2wnau (H.S-98)
:white_check_mark:5)the_resilient_one - 22M - 0nin9f (H.S - 348 )
:white_check_mark:6)NofapperAADI 15M- bbp87b (H.S - 150)
:white_check_mark:7)WalKir - 15M - mo4wcc - (H.S - 172)
:white_check_mark:8)Samaranjay 24M-rsf37c(H.S -134)
:white_check_mark:9)Purity11 19M-k278xx(H.S.-22)
:white_check_mark:10)PAARTHNF 16M-lwi7hm(H.S. -37)
:red_circle:11)CarnetdeBordNF 20M-immanh(H.S -22)
:white_check_mark:12) Willpower55 16M - gprrxa (H.S - 20)
:white_check_mark:13) Jane_Doe 21F - aelcmw (H.S - 50)
:white_check_mark:14) Robin720M-
:white_check_mark:15)Robustguy03 27M - jx3pgc (H.S : 25 Days)


After January 1 , 12.00A.M added

:white_check_mark:1) @fognoBoy - a3nu25
:white_check_mark:2) @Sholt_Tenkerrot 15M-nkoemw(HS-16D)
:white_check_mark:2) @realmana - 42y715
:white_check_mark:4) @TIger-survivor M22-7ds5k6
:white_check_mark:5) @Zayyyy
:white_check_mark:6) @anon87551848 22F - 5c6fyc (HS-22D)
:white_check_mark:7) @Addy - 49859b (HS- 16D)
:white_check_mark:8) @JAG1017
:white_check_mark:9) @Masood11
:white_check_mark:10) @Roop2005
:white_check_mark:11) Dhruv542
:white_check_mark:12) shazber
:white_check_mark:13) IITIAN
:white_check_mark:14) Dr.vikas
:white_check_mark:15) Disciple153, 28M, SC: 8zkzt7 (HS : 270D)


I would like to join the challenge.
SC: d10mfl


I accept this challange just completed my NNN challenge. I am on day 37 today!


I wanna join too.

Gojo_Sotaru, 14M, zvica9, [HS-15D]

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SigmaGigachad - e62kaz (C.S- 12D H.S -45D)

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@prothekter_aden @Gojo_Sotaru @anon7571274 @Hyphaleronin @BlackMagic123 @Legend_Mian @Sige369 @adad @john832 @anon87955785
Please give the detail information bro . You can see my name added in scoreboard


@anon71914276 @SigmaGigachad alright ! In this one month after all names I will add .


Name; @hex93 27M
Hs;43d ; Cs:37d
my code: 2d4ren

Add me

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Yes @_TIGER bro, I’ve added the details.

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Name: @prothekter_aden
HS was 20 days, but now I’m currently on my best…so…
SC: d10mfl
Age 15M

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Damn bro, I feel honoured you selected me as one of the moderators of this thread.
I am completely in for this challenge with whole heart :fire::fire::fire::fire::100:
I grew a lot in 2021, let’s face 2022 like a true warrior now.


Samaranjay 23M-rsf37c (H.S-134D)


Add me tiger
21 m
Cs-7hr HS- 7 days

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Nofapstar123 17M - ea1v0q (H.S: 45D)
Most awaited challenge for me! Im ready! Bring it on ! We will try our best to stick to it till the end !
Last day of 2022 should look like this!
images (74)


hey @_TIGER add me too
SC - aqaelk
HS - 11

Sharing code - vwyesc

Add me too…

Bring It On :facepunch:
I’m In :fist:

TheBigSP 17M -7gdf2f (H.S : 38D )