[20 M] Serioten's Life

Hey Guys!!
Almost destroyed 10 years of my life to PMO.
Right now I’m in my early twenties ( 20 to be exact )
Decided to Quit ■■■■ first and i did!! I killed P from my life.
Next thing that should be kicled out is Masturbation habits!!

So I’m doing a 90 days hardmode challenge!! I’ll update everything and promise I’ll be open about everything here in my space🙏🏻

In this dairy, Ill share my Journey,My Knowledge,Wisdom and much more.Read all day progress and it will be worth reading.


3 Hours Of No Masturbation

90 days means 3 months :pray:t2:
Must Plan something to do and should accomplish it.
Here is my plan!!


× 100 Pushups daily
× for my health and its nourishment, i have decided to take Calcium tablets for 90 days

  1. STUDY

× Memorize 15 pages of Holy Quran
× Study 2 Classes of German Language

So these are my Goals for this 90 days!! :pray:t2:


Welcome mate, wish you all the best and attain your brilliant life! :smile:


Thanks mate!!
I won’t disappoint you :relieved::pray:t2:


2 DAYS 13 h 41m of nofap

feeling great so far. yesterday i went to opticals to get my eyes tested.i saw a really cute girl she was the one who tested my eyes. if i wasnt on nofap, i wont talk to her. But since i was on nofap,i got the guts to start a really nice conversation with her. we talked for almost 20 minutes. And it felt amazing.guys…real women are so much better than virtual women. real women has flaws which make them even better. only real woman can satisfy our soul.

i am 20 years old. i have to get married at 25.i have 2 more years to get my degree completed. i really have to find a job but i dont know how.

how did you guys got your jobs??


4 Days of Nofap

I came to my grandmas home. Helped her to plant 12 plants. I mixed Cowdung, and other fertilizers by myself. Started this in the morning and ended at evening.i felt so happy tho… She was happy too.

Things i planted

  • Another fruit i dont know its name

6 Days of Nofap

fuck! my dikk hurts. today morning i woke up and opened telegram,saw a ■■■■ group that i forgot to leave.opened it and saw a link to the videos of uwu girl. damn,her videos are rare and my brain said to me like dudeeee…, watch it its rare. i immediately put my phone away and asked myself, if i am about to watch this videos,why did i didnt do it for 5 days!

i got the power to delete the channel without any hesitation.Overall good day,mixed emotions.i am so sleepy so i gotta go and sleep.


Focus on creating and upgrading your skills. Be the best in the market and jobs will come after you. I also got it in a similar fashion. I was focused on reading and studying as much as possible. I sat down one night and flung my CV at every job offer available. I got some 10 calls and 3 of them were very decent offers. I finally chose the best one and after one year I am very satisfied with everything so far. Like no complaints with my work at all. I enjoy it in fact. So yeah, just focus on becoming the beast in your field and you will have your share when your time comes.


thank you nerbo for responding. may i ask you what is your job? and what skills did you acquired?


I am an Assistant Professor. My skills were Research and extensive reading.



PMO messed up my life just like yours. It stopped me from becoming my prime self.so, i have to fix every problems in my life one by one. For me, the first thing i have to fix is my relationship with God. I was pretty close to god but pmo life made me a sinner. So i yeah… Starting my nofap journey by praying.

for the coming one week [ 7 days ] i have to be focused on doing my prayers 5 times a day,properly at the right time.

Another thing that i have to make is a good dental care routine. so i also decided to brush my teeth properly in the scientific way, 2 times a day. One in the morning and one at night.

challenge for next 7 days

  • Dental care
  • 5 times prayer

ADVICES FOR YOUNG MEN from older people

I was bored in the afternoon, because that is the time i watch ■■■■ and prolly masturbate. so i searched on reddit about older people advice for young men and these are their wisdom and i have ranked it too. These people have already played the game of life and might have some insights on how to play to to the fullest. so these are their advices

1.Travel in your 20s and 30s [don’t wait hoping i’ll travel after some more years]
2. Start saving for retirement [do it in the 20s,even if you have little salary, save at least 10% of it ]
3. Maintain an exercise routine [you’ll thank yourself in the future]
4. Dress well
5. Learn how to cook and clean
6. Have a good dental hygiene routine [this one was really mentioned]
7. Unless life threatening, walk away from fights
8. Learn how to communicate with SO
9. Call your mother / grandmother on some routine
10. Learn how to dance
11. Learn how to set boundaries
12. Read [ not self improvement stuff, they said novels,fictions…]
13. Actively network with people

plan everything ahead, and be ready for that plan to be flipped upside down

for me, everything was worth reading. I hope you will use these insights to play the game of life to the fullest. i believe everyone will have regrets at the end of the life, but our duty is to reduce the amount of regrets right?? lol


I cannot agree more to this. Reading self-improvement literature is really turning everyone so block-headed these days. It kind of sets a very objective opinion of productivity. A novel helps in realization of one’s own self as well as the viewpoint of others. We have completely lost empathy in our culture. We love to move in one direction, think in one pattern and live the same way. The monotony of life is ridiculous these days. The GenZ has caught itself in the money equals success trap and superficial exhibition of wealth is getting on everybody’s nerves. Self-help literature kind of acts as a catalyst in this machinery and takes away important anti-capitalism insights which are really important for a person to understand.

Thanks for bringing this up. :+1:


7 Days of NOFAP

Oh man!! thank god i am doing great! i have been keeping my semen with myself for the past week and i can already feelsooo gooood. These are the benefits that i have noticed so far.

  1. Fearles with women. No issues to make a small conversation with them. [ had a great conversation with a really beautiful woman that i met at opticals]

  2. Confidence [overall my guilty feeling is gone, So i think im becoming close to normal]

  3. Started talking with mom. [usually i just stay inside my room for the whole day unless i have to eat or go to toilet]

  4. Found a hobby ; FARMING [i never had any hobbies during these 10 years of pmo. but abstaining from pmo for 7 days opened my eyes and showed me a hobby that actually make me happy]

5.My guy down there became thick [ i never thought i’ll become this hard ever again in my life, i know he will die on flatline, but it was really happy to meet you my good old friend ]

so…yeah…these are the benefits that i have noticed so far.I am pretty sure these benefits are nothing,and the real benefits starts atleast after 1 year because i was indulged in this habit for almost 10 fkingg years. i am pretty sure i need a lot of time for my recovery. Anyway, so happy on my progress :see_no_evil: :black_heart:


Your affirmation is completely wrong . Focus on positive thing .


true. i knew it. thanks for mentioning

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  1. Dental Care : :white_check_mark:
  2. 5 times prayer : :white_check_mark:


  1. Dental care :white_check_mark:
  2. 5 times prayer : :white_check_mark:

today i installed instagram,because i was bored. i thought watching reel will be better than watching ■■■■. damnnn… i was wrong. instagram = mini ■■■■■■■. Deleted IG immediately. i have to be aware of my triggers … Not today bitches…i’m not gonna fall today.

DAY 10 is waiting for me.i’m happy and i am very much careful not to be overconfident. Each day is a new day. Each day is Day 1 of nofap.

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11:09 PM

Shit man…another telegram group popped up at night out of nowhere. i clicked it and randomly saw some nudes of indian teen. aaah…fuck you telegram…but the good part is i didn’t enjoyed it.i literally mean it. i opened it out of curiosity and it was my bed time too. all that happened was my heart just started pumping blood so hard and i could hear it making noise inside me. i didn’t touch my thing,didnt enjoyed it either. so i am not gonna count this as relapse because i made up the courage to overcome my urge.so,its a win…right??


  1. Fuck social medias bro…its all semi p0rn
    [ not gonna install ig or telegram until i reach Day 90 ]

instagram : i will use chrome extension from now on after this 90 days[ only on sunday 20 min maximum] .installing the app will surely leads to relapse because of sluts popping upon reels and explore pages.

telegram: its a good bye for you. not gonna see you again. i used telegram for movies and sharing pictures with friends. but for that i will find a new way


If you haven’t helped me at this moment, i would have failed miserably. :sneezing_face:

i have made a decision.i am gonna leave the internet for 6 days. not gonna use my laptop. and not gonna use rc too. only whatsapp for messaging.i will focus on dental care routine and praying 5 times a day. yeah… let me fix that first.at day 15I i will pop up here to update you guys…since then…good bye!!