20 days and beyond. I won't see anyone fail!

I am searching someone to do this journey together. I am striving for 20 days, which is more than I ever reached always by myself. But together we are stronger!

Sharing code - pjx8ky

Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 18 days
Age - 17
Gender - M
Location - Germany


Let’s do this. Im also on Day 1
Our first target as opponent will be 20 days. That is your best score.

Next target will be 30 days. My best score.

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Sure I am in lets do this!!

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We’ll report each other here.

@neo_150 @Adioz
I see you both relapsed today.
Want to join this thread? Kind of accountibility/reporting new small start of this thread.


Hey. Ich bin auch in Deutschland man.


Hey brother…lets make a new group… wait I will do it. And brother… @Marekpa63 welcome… together we can do this

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Alright brother. Create it. We will be the founder members of that thread, no one would want the founder members to fail. Thus we will not lose.

Note :- let this new thread be an easy one. So that members will not have any problem.

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And… another thing. I downloaded this app about 1 week ago. So I don’t know how to create something or anything. Disappointing, isn’t it?

Ok brother…I am on it… I have an idea.

Did you reply to me, bro? Or am I just … stupid?

I am replying to everyone here brother… do not demoralize yourself… everyone on this planet earth is unique creation of God.

He is right brother. @muradelizade06

Believing in yourself is much needed for NoFap. And you are just 14 now. You have a good opportunity now to make your life.

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I didn’t mean anything bad to guys, so don’t worry. I just want to do it alone.

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Thanks, brother, well… yeah, I’m still trying even tough my best record is 1 week. Here’s an advice to you all. If you’ll ever face with a thing that you don’t want to do, but you have to, just like nofap, just tell to yourself “Discipline!” Anyways, goodbye guys.

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Where are you going?

Nowhere, I don’t quit.

I mean I don’t quit NoFap.

Okay good to hear that. !
All the best.

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Hey cool einen Landsmann zu treffen, wie ist dein Code?

Nice! How can I join the group?