[16M]Looking for serious Companion(s)

I’m just another person on this app who’s trying to make my life a better. I’ve struggled with masturbation/porn for awhile and last year I decided to kick the habit until I realized its not that easy. After relapsing and failing many times I finally decided I needed someone to make me accountable. My vision for my life is always trying to get better, and to keep learning. I’m looking for someone or maybe a group that has the same vision as me to get to know and go on this hard mental journey with.

If there’s more than one person who wants to go on this journey we could form a group chat or something to meet and talk.

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“Apes together strong”
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Looking for serious accountability brothers

Join here friend. Together we will achieve

I am willing to join my code is edbh17

Lets go… Hit me up
Code : muelhq

yessir! Just started, and could use fellow apes

m6c00y is my code

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Hey man, it would be perfect to join this group. Together we can achieve everything we imagine. We chose the red pill. I’m ready to go.
The code is: thechoiceisyours

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Count me in

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