108 Days Mental Diet Challenge

Give a lion food and all he wants to do is sleep. Starve a lion and he becomes an absolute monster.

Releasing makes you lay low, feel satisfied and content

WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU CONTENT? did you climb a mountain? Did you invent anything? Do you have a garage full of supercars? Did you start a strong family? HAVE YOU ACHIEVED ANYTHING WORTHY AT ALL?

No. you simply jerked off / fucked a girl and then came and released everything that makes you that beast. You meaninglessly, undeservedly fed yourself and now you are a shadow.

Starve the beast and channel that insane sexual hunger into other things. you will achieve anything you set your mind into.

There are exactly 108 days left to the beginning of the new year.

108 is an extremely lucky and sacred number in the ancient Indian system, especially the Yogic school of thought. It is believed to be the number of God, as several important numbers are close multiples of this number.

More details here (of course, take it with a pinch of salt, there were no scientific calculators thousands of years before) :
Wanderlust 108: The Number that Unifies The Big Picture with The Present Moment

Let us make good use of every single day of these 108 days and emerge as our best version on Jan 1st.
Let’s put an end to this addiction and everything else that keeps us away from being top 1%.
Let’s commit this to ourselves.

युद्धाय कृतनिश्चय

Into the Battle with resolve

–Bhagwad Gita

The end goal of this challenge is to build mental toughness, which can be broken down into two objectives.

1. No negative thoughts

Be watchful of your thoughts. Don’t let any negative emotions, thought to stay for long in your mind.

2. Being positive, hopeful, and optimistic.

Don’t get disheartened by any kind of failure, take the lessons and improve. Be grateful, feel that even being alive is a blessing (You know how many people lost lives in the second wave of covid).
Forgive yourself for what you did in the past. Believe with full conviction “now I am a changed man.”
Be solution-oriented, never whine or complain, see what can be done to solve the problem at hand, and execute it with the strong belief that it will get solved.
If something is beyond your control, then let it go, believe that something better is waiting. For instance, you lost your girlfriend…believe that being on this path of self-transformation, you will be the best version of yourself very soon, and then you will attract better people in your life.

There is just one rule.

Decide what kind of person you want to become before the end of this year.
For example, I want to become a person who always completes whatever task he takes up.
Tell yourself that you are a person that always completes whatever task he takes up.
Imagine yourself completing all your tasks on time. Imagine yourself honoring all your commitments.
Repeat this visualization as many times a possible. Definitely do it before sleep and after waking up.
Additionally, you can set up an alarm and repeat the visualization multiple times.

Type your affirmations daily in the thread. Strongly believe that you are already that person. Speak in a language as if you are already that person.

Fake it till you make it :slight_smile:

You get points for the number of times you repeat the affirmations/visualizations throughout the day.
Typing your affirmations (no copy-pasting) in this thread daily once would give you 1 point.
Suppose you repeat your affirmations/visualizations two more times (morning after waking up and night before sleeping) every day then add 21 points for the entire week(7 - morning, 7 - night, 7 - typing in this thread).

Give your entries in the format:

Name :
What you want to become :
The number of times you would repeat your affirmation / visualization :

You can use this for reference, Samaranjay has shared how he uses affirmations :point_down:

Here’s what I review every morning:

Top Goals: Studying, exercising, timely sleeping, productive mornings, fasting between meals.
Affirmations: 1. My mind is awesome, it is capable of retaining whatever I study easily and completely.
2. I learn from my mistakes and don’t repeat same ones.
3. Whatever I study, I study with full focus and I enjoy it.
4. I have great opportunites and facilities and I am grateful for them.
5. I am dedicated to stay consistent to achieve my goals
6. I always feel energetic
7. I handle any kind of situation I face gracefully confidently and intelligently
8. I work even better under pressure, I embrace such situations if they ever appear
9. I am capable of having full control on my mind and body, I acknowledge when my mind tries to trick me, I choose to do what’s right for me, I take necessary actions to not fall for the trick.
10. I have the power within me to keep out any evil, desire, or any disturbance, I can see the truth.
11. I might encounter people who might act in selfish/ ignorant ways, they don’t know the difference between good and evil but I do, they are all like a family to me but they can’t involve me in their actions neither can I be angry on them.
12. Analyse every harsh impression, if it’s not in your control just say it’s nothing to me, for it’s your judgement about the events that bothers you rather than the events themselves.
Vision: I see myself executing today with perfection and I love my work. I see myself getting perfect in all subjects. I see myself having cleared and aced all exams I give and I see myself studying joyfully for it. I see myself having a totally ripped lean body, happy family, consistent well paying job and I am as happy as I am today.
Mechanical engineering GATE 2022 AIR 1: Samaranjay Sharma.


Score Board

This will be used for score board

Name : KarmaYogi
What you want to become : The most hardworking guy among my peers
The number of times you would repeat your affirmation / visualization : 3

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Ek kam karo ase soch sakte he hamre pass 108 days ya manlo 100 din he… To sare maharathi yudh karenge .
…jiska 20 din hogeya use
Aindrastra milega
Jiska 40 din hojaye use
brahmaastra(dharm aur satya ko banaye rakhne le liye)
Jiska 50 din
vasvi shakti ( indradev ne karn ko diya tha ,karn ke kabach lekar)
Narayanastra( bhagwan bishnu ke sabse shaktishali astra)
Jo pura challenge clear karega use milega trishul bhagwan shiv ka,ea sabse powerful astra he .


Tiger Brainstormer​:checkered_flag::checkered_flag:


hahahah … :rofl: good one !


Wah biro … Badiya h …:joy::joy::+1::+1:


Uttam vichaar @_TIGER
let’s add Aagneya Astra, Bhaargav Astra, Naagpaash, Garudastra, Sudarshan Chakra
@_KarmaYogi since there is too much Sanskrit over here… you could possibly change the name of this thread to Mahabhaarat or Ojasya Balavirya


Bhailogon brahmastra aur Baki astro k liye mantra BHI bataye Gaye h jinki sidhi se brahmastra ki la sakte h. Aisa kha jata h.


Ye ek link h brahmastra k liye

Astron Ka gyan


Hey, thanks to everyone for your valuable suggestions.
This is what I have thought about.
We already have a lot of streak-based challenges and habits-based challenges. Adding another streak-based challenge (though with an ancient war flavor) doesn’t make much of a sense.
Instead, let’s try something new this time. So here is my plan, let me know if it sounds good.

I have read a decent amount of literature on the Law of Attraction, thought power, and the power of the subconscious mind, etc.
I am more than convinced that what we think about ourselves and what we talk about ourselves, we eventually become.

I am thinking to have this challenge only for positive affirmations. Write your affirmations, write what you want to become. Create a strong belief system.

Hope I am able to convey what I wanted.
@pingpong1 @_TIGER @risinglion123 @Samaranjay @the_resilient_one @Resurgence_22 @Yash21 @the_shivam
Please suggest.

Baiscally this challenge is for mental diet for 108 days.

Mental Diet : No negative thoughts, only powerful thoughts and beliefs. Repeating these thoughts as frequently as possible.

Suggested Reading:

  1. You are the placebo https://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Placebo-Making-Matter/dp/1401944582

  2. Becoming Supernatural

  3. A Neville Goddard Method For Creating Reality | by Maxwell Akin | Medium

  4. The impact of positive thinking on your life


@_KarmaYogi , I appreciate the fact that your challenge is unique from the rest of other challenges. But at the same time, I am concerned and skeptical about whether you will get enough amount of participants, because everyone here is on their No Fap journey and very few people believe in Affirmations. So I am bit concerned about you, but its your choice any way. I will be there in your challenge anyway. I need to develop some positive mindset

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Glad that you are a part of it @risinglion123

A positive mindset is very much related to nofap. Unless you believe that you can complete 90 days, it’s not gonna happen.
Most of the times when we have failed in life, its because deep inside we were not sure whether we will be able to do.
As Henry Ford said this "Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,"
The challenge is meant to make you strongly believe that yes you will complete the reboot, yes you will be filthy rich, yes you will be among the top 1% in the world.
The ultimate aim is to have a super positive attitude and mindset, and an optimistic outlook for life.


@_KarmaYogi , Could you please tell how this challenge is conducted?

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I’m in
My sharing code - 1bso1p

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Okay. This challenge sounds interesting.
So @_KarmaYogi what I understand is we will select
a affirmation or message to work for in 108 days.

For ex - I will control my emotions today.
I will face any challenge that comes my way.
I am worthy
I love myself

So continuing this for 108 days, and see what changes you observe in life.
If this is what you meant, then its a great experiment and we should definitely try it.


@risinglion123 it will be something similar to what @the_resilient_one mentioned.
I will come up with detailed rules.


Sure brother @_KarmaYogi , waiting for the challenge to start


I am in too many challenges but your challenge is still very interesting . So I will join
Sc- q2wnau

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I am in brother the challenge is somewhat unique and different so i want to be a part of it for sure
… we believe we can than we will :crossed_swords:
My code- 1dm46a


I am in brother you stand out from the crowd i was looking for something like this i strongly believe that affirmations are very much necessary
Sc: icnkli


Gajab ka idea hai yar…