🛑 1000 days challenge! [ entries open for few more days]

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Day 1/1000
Gotta pivk myself uo

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Day 1
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Day 37/ 1000.

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Day 38/1000

Great post @vicky81 … This is why I inspired to create a Dedicated thread only to discourage peeking. This is dedicated only to root that’s peeking
This challenge type thread is open for all :blush:
Below is the link for that. Hope you liked it

Ooh thanks a lot. Idk why it didn’t used to open on chrome before. Now it works

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Day 44/1000

I noticed that after day 40 I have been getting intense urges. Intense enough to make me question why I started this nofap. I want to continue this nofap but also want to be in touch with my sexual self and it is very contradictory

I read that masturbation for women is good and I got kinda weirded out. Why do men grow weaker when they masturbate?

I’ve been thinking about that but I only could cone to this that women are sexual beings, it doesnt harm them as much as it does to us. That’s why they have multiple orgasms, dedicated organs just for pleasure, no regret like our post nut clarity
While men are reproductive beings because they have very limited orgasms and only one organ to feel pleasure. Also that’s probably why men come so quickly because they aren’t sexual, they’re reproductive.

I think that I am looking at a wrong perspective and this thought had been going on in my mind. I tried to distract myself away from this topic but having nothing to do in a pandemic kept bringing me to it.

Can someone tell me if I’m thinking wrong?

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Starting with a lot of motivation​:muscle::muscle:

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Day 39/1000.

Your thoughts r going wrong. So many examples of great men achieve unbelievable by preserving their sexual energy. U should work on your thoughts first. I m also doing the same.


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Day 9 Feeling Average. At present reading Atomic Habits written by James Clear & very inspired for maintain good habits. From last 3 days daily 30 minutes walk after dinner, wake up early in the morning & go for stadium, practice yoga poses, reduce tea consumption, Balayam (nail rubbing). Very positive book. Everyone should read.

Day 2 I did it yeassssssssss

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Day 40 / 1000
No fap for life

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Day 10 & 4th continuous day of jogging. Yesterday one more distraction came. A lady with deep neck clothes was walking & getting attention of people. She doesn’t care about what others are thinking about her. In the Morning thoughts about her again distract me. Then I move my attention on some other topic, went to stadium & workout for 30 minutes.
Perhaps all members faced this type of distractions at different intervals. We should learn about maintain ourselves above than these mean distractions.

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While reading the book ATOMIC HABITS at one point the author said that this book is in continuation of the book THE POWER OF HABIT. So I stop reading & decided to first read the power of habit & then ATOMIC HABITS.

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So, I’d like to share how this little journey of mine has been up till now(still going though)… I was caught up in this pmo stuff at the ending of 2020, and got stuck in this addiction, I could go for mostly a week or so without masterbating, but as soon as 7th day(mostly) came, I would masterbate… I cried, didn’t know how could I stop it, then I started reading atomic habits in early 2021. During my time of reading it, I stayed away from porn, and masterbating too, but as soon as that book got finished, I was into that cycle again… 3 weeks ago I said I’m done with this, then I joined this community, started reading “easy peasy ways to quit porn”… What fascinated me the most about that book was that some review said that she stared reading that book, and then left it because she thought that she would be leaving pmo for good and she’s didn’t want to leave it(she was afraid) . I thought if that book is that much powerful, then I would surely be getting done with pmo for good this time, and I had faith. Today, its been 23 days since I masterbated, and have left this shit for good. I’m clean. I dont get those urges I used to get when I was hooked. I’m proud to say that I’m not an addict anymore! And another thing, I haven’t completed that book, only gone half way through it and I’ve left masterbation and porn, which is pretty awesome to me!! Anyone who’s struggling with PMO, 100% I’d recommend reading that book, also have faith in yourself, cuz if you dont believe yourself when you say that you’ll leave porn and masterbating, then most likely you wont… Thanks for reading, thought I should share this haha.

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Day 41 /1000
No PMO for Life

Very good experience shared by u. Can u provide the hindi version of this book