🛑 1000 days challenge! [ entries open for few more days]

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DAY 33/ 1000.

Repeat after Me

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This group aims for 1000 days challenge. But its energy is not even of 10 days. Why is this group so much passive?? Guys comment here. Do regular check ins. Where all have you gone? This group has so much potential to transform completely. But the involvement here is so pitiful. Guys pour some of your energy here in this challenge / in this group** Make this group vibrant.

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Even if everyone leave this group I Myself; ALONE; WILL MAKE UPTO 1000 DAYS.

I walk my talk
Nobody compelled me to fappp
No body compelled me to do nofapp I myself chose.
So it is my duty to fulfill what i said
Even if nobody; I Will
Iam able to tolerate n amount of pains, sufferings; hankerings; isolation but I sall not give up my commitment
Repeat after me
No fap for life

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Please post this type of knowledge !! I am very excited to read…:pray:


Awesome bro !!! :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


I m available in the group

I am in, lets do it , sharing code - 9asqb0

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I m in again. Because the entries are still open.
Day 6/1000

Copy of a facebook post very useful :
#1 Tip to Kill Urges and #1 Mistake Men Make

Your brain is a neural network of neurons. Your brain has trillions of connections that fire in certain patterns when you get stimulation from your environment.

When you see a food you like, for example, pizza, you may suddenly realize you’re hungry. You may become aware of your stomach, your mouth might salivate, and most importantly, you’ll start fantasizing about what the pizza tastes like, by the memory of what you remember pizza tasting like. The next thing you know, you’ll be ordering or getting your own pizza so that you can eat it. Only once you are done eating it and full, will the desire for pizza go away.

This all happened because you literally have a neural circuit in your brain wired around food, and even specific foods, like pizza. When you see the pizza image, you Turn On, or Enable this part of your brain’s neural network, and it starts firing the neurons causing this whole process of wanting pizza for yourself to begin. It’s very difficult to turn it off, until the neural network gets what it wants, real pizza!

How does this relate to Semen Retention and Brahmacharya?

The #1 mistake men make is that they still allow themselves to view exciting images of girls on their screen devices. Even looking at just a picture of a girls face that makes you even slightly sexually excited is a mistake especially when you are just starting out this process.

The problem is, like the pizza, you are firing up the entire neural network that your brain has created over years of sexual activity, and this neural network circuitry starts firing like crazy. Even reading sexually suggestive text or writings will enable your sexual neural network to turn on, and once it does, watch out. It doesn’t want to stop until it get’s what it wants, a real orgasm!

The brain is malleable, which means it is dynamic and changes over time. The less you use a neural network, the more it fades away, and those neurons are re-used for something more purposeful in your life. If you stopped eating pizza for 10 years, then likely the next time you see an image of one, you won’t have the urge to go eat it like you used to when you had it once a week in your past. The neural network in your brain has been re-wired to be used for other things and so the craving isn’t strong, or there is no craving at all.

There are always exceptions to rules, but the most common complaint I see men talk about, is that after weeks of semen retention, they are still having massive urges. I always ask if they are gazing, looking or peeking at pretty girls, porn, or sexually suggestive material, and the answer is almost always universally YES they are. These men are firing up that part of their brains neural network and reinforcing it, making it stronger, even as they are trying to do Semen Retention. The results are usually a relapse at some point, because the brain is just that powerful, it can take you over.

The solution is simple, powerful and effective. You must stop enabling that neural network in your brain from being turned on. You must kill the sexual circuitry you’ve built up over all the years of masturbation and even sex. You must never turn on this part of your brain again with images or videos of women, and let those neural circuits wither away.

My #1 Rule for this is as follows, for everything you see on your computer, phone or TV: IF IT SEXUALLY EXCITES YOU AT ALL, YOU LOOK AWAY.

If you see a naked girl, you look away.

If you see a clothed girl in a suggestive pose, you look away.

If you see a girls face that turns you on, and she is even fully clothed, you look away.

If you read text or writings about sexual encounters that turn you on, you look away.

If you’re watching a movie, and a girl comes into a scene with her cleavage showing, looking sexy at all, etc, you look away.

I follow this rule, and it is only when I’ve followed this rule, that my brain has finally turned OFF the sexual circuitry in my brain. I no longer have urges, don’t think about women, don’t think about masturbation, and I don’t think about sex. I am finally free. This is also when you will find you enjoy everything else life has to offer outside of sex. Because other parts of your brain are now working, instead of the sexual circuitry that’s usually firing off every day of your life. Your brain now has real resources to live life, instead of just chasing sex.

To be looking at sexually exciting material while trying to do SemenRetention is a recipe for a giant struggle and likely relapse.

If you want a chance at being free from urges. I am telling you, the only way you will ever have a chance at achieving this, is if you see that IF IT SEXUALLY EXCITES YOU AT ALL. YOU LOOK AWAY.

Cheers Men. Onwards!


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Day 36/1000

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Day 1/1000
Gotta pivk myself uo

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Day 1
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Day 37/ 1000.

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Day 38/1000

Great post @vicky81 … This is why I inspired to create a Dedicated thread only to discourage peeking. This is dedicated only to root that’s peeking
This challenge type thread is open for all :blush:
Below is the link for that. Hope you liked it

Ooh thanks a lot. Idk why it didn’t used to open on chrome before. Now it works

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Day 44/1000

I noticed that after day 40 I have been getting intense urges. Intense enough to make me question why I started this nofap. I want to continue this nofap but also want to be in touch with my sexual self and it is very contradictory

I read that masturbation for women is good and I got kinda weirded out. Why do men grow weaker when they masturbate?

I’ve been thinking about that but I only could cone to this that women are sexual beings, it doesnt harm them as much as it does to us. That’s why they have multiple orgasms, dedicated organs just for pleasure, no regret like our post nut clarity
While men are reproductive beings because they have very limited orgasms and only one organ to feel pleasure. Also that’s probably why men come so quickly because they aren’t sexual, they’re reproductive.

I think that I am looking at a wrong perspective and this thought had been going on in my mind. I tried to distract myself away from this topic but having nothing to do in a pandemic kept bringing me to it.

Can someone tell me if I’m thinking wrong?

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Day 39/1000.