100 pullups in 24h challenge!

Listen, this is a great challenge!

It’s inspired by @BeLikeRocky 's “500 Pushups in 24 hours” challenge! Pullups are more difficult so I think 100 is difficult enough! I will try it! Join me!

Dont worry about not having equipment, just walk around and find a tree with a good branch

To anyone who joins: I tip my hat to you, respect!


Do you have a pullup accessory where you live?

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yes, a tree :slight_smile:


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Oh that’s nice :joy::fire:
Finding a tree with inbuilt pullup accessory is a boon.

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I am ready , I have a window with iron bars protruding outwards.

My highest is 2 reps because of my excess weight. But if done 50 times, I will reach 100 for sure.

Will update after every pull ups done.

2.42 PM

2 Pull Ups done. Not a big deal but if done 49 times more. It will be significant enough

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3 07 PM

8 more pull ups done. Not on 1 stretch , with a good amount of rest

Total 10

10 percent complete

3.25 PM

5 Pull ups , with some rest. Its really tough, To be honest. I can feel my blood flowing through my biceps. But I am tougher.

4.10 PM

5 More done. My head feeling light

20 completed

20 percent

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I have no equipments for pull ups.:pensive:


Technically, I don’t have any pull up equipments too :joy:. I am just doing in an iron bars in windows pane protruding outwards.


5.11 PM


25 Percent Completed

5.38 PM

5 More

30 done

70 more

5.55 PM

5 More

35 done

65 more

6.05 PM

5 more

40 done… 60 remaining.

Many times I thought of giving up. Still moving forward

6.19 PM

5 done

55 remaining.

I Don’t know whether I can last long. But there is hope.

6.31 PM

5 Done

50 Pullups Complete

Can’t feel the my hand exists.

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7.09 PM

5 Done

Not easy , But near to the goal.

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7.35 PM

10 DONE ( Not done in a single stretch. Lot of break required )

65 done total

35 remaining