100 Benefits Of NoFap

100 benefits of quitting PMO


1 You are 1000 times happier!

2 You have balanced emotions.

3 Your mom is proud of you.

4 Cheese tastes better.​

5 More time on your hands

6 More energy

7 No brain fog

8 More interest in cooking

9 More confidence

10 Better eye contact

11 Dreams appear more vivid

12 More Attraction from the opposite sex.

13 Fewer viruses or other questionable programs on your computer.

14 Less reason to fear somebody discovering the contents of your computer.

15 Better concentration and focus.

16 Better sleep.

17 Feeling you can overcome any obstacle

18 ED gone

19 Muscles grow and stay maintained (if you exercise)

20 Not objectifying women

21 Better quality of thoughts

22 Saved Time.

23 More Smiles in real life.

24 Generally feel good and happy

25 Comfortable in one’s own skin

26 You spend less less time on computer > you use less power > we don’t need as much coal for electric plants > you are saving the planet earth

27 Thicker beard ( mental beard and the real one )

28 - better spiritual life

29 - no cleanup

30 - you don’t feel like you are hiding something from everyone

31 - Spend less money on toilet tissue > so save a bit of money.

32 - use less > so saving the trees, which is good for the planet.

33 - You are not supporting the abuse of women, and sex trafficking.

34 - Body odour became repugnant after excessive viewing.

35 - You stop being a statistic

36 - You are a role model for other men

37 - You get to be different/unique as most guys do watch porn.

38 - You’re able to pick up on social cues easier, making social interactions go by smoother.

39 - Similarly you’re able to notice indicators of interest from people who are attracted to you.

40 - you become more magnetic and attractive to others. The chick magnet effect of NoFap is real.

41 - Your willpower increases dramatically as you’re learning to resist instant gratification.

42 Back pain goes away as you’re not sitting up in bed for hours.

43 if your wife sees your progress (including increased connection) she isn’t crabby wife all the time.

44 Your wife can’t get enough of you. If you know what I mean. (For me anyway.)

45 you forget less stuff at work in your mentally challenging job (for my husband)

46 Your brain is no longer dependent on the dopamine release, meaning you beat an addiction

47 More time for other activities like reading or watching movies

48 Person is more easily able to stay focused

49 Because your body doesn’t have to use sugars and energy on ejaculation, you become more energized

50 Your balls grow in size a bit (Not too much)

51 Overcoming porn addiction entails other major life changing habits. Your little personal insoluble snow ball effect.

52 It’s an interesting and exciting journey. I can’t wait to get to know how I’m gonna feel after for example one year of being clean.

53 You learn to face reality and nature of change.

54 You became more educated by it. You read how to overcome this, what are causes, how your brain works etc.

55 You clean your room even though you don’t want.

56 You never come late.

57 You have everything done on time.

58 you look up and see the world, not the pixels.

59 you stop objectifying women.

60 women will find you more attractive.

61 Improved self-esteem

62 thicker facial hairs

63 Able to look into eyes of your mother and sister, clear conscience.

64 Reduced acnes

65 Better memory

66 Imagination exaltate! (this is one of my favourites )

67 Articulation improved.

68 Your immune system is stronger. For me it’s true. I had long colds, but since i fight PMO they last for 3-4 days. I think it’s related with more energy.

69 Positiveness radiates from you. And it’s real, pure, benevolent…

70 …and you attract positiveness to yourself.

71 Become less selfish. You are willing to help people.

72 Feel good around people.

73 Become more conscious.

74 Start to feel the power of love that surrounds you. “'And what would humans be without love?’ RARE, said Death.” - T. P.

75 You learn that life has much more to offer than you previously thought!

76 Can witness things in life that were previously invisible to you. Metaphorically. You don’t get x-ray vision. Or i’m not there just yet.

77 You can feel cosmic energy. You learn to accept true nature of the universe.

78 You are less annoyed with things that were unbearable before.

79 Learn how to handle bad emotions.

80 You are interested in studying…

81 …and you are good at it.

82 Less worried.

83 Self-discipline

84 Better overall character

85 A lot more time and energy for self-development.

86 It is like taking sunglasses off, one wakes up to all the *** one was pretending not to see

87 social anxiety is gone

88 being able to feel emotions, both positive and negatives

89 feeling lighter on the soul, I am more like a new born baby and feeling Innocent.

90 being able to look others in the eye

91 increases self confidence to stand by the tunes and face up reality

92 Freedom from the slavery of compulsion

93 leaving hell and walking towards paradise

94 feeling special… after all everybody wanks off … but not me… thanks God for that!

95 being able to read books again!

96 better erections that are harder and last longer

97 Don’t need to take waste water by taking an extra shower to wash off the smell.

98 Less laundry

99 Creates motivation to quit other addictions and bad habits

100 More time to focus on setting and achieving goals to make your life even better.

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• Other Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/5mwer6/100_benefits_of_quitting_pmo/


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