⛩️ Zucht und Ordnung

I am not a German.

I just respect German discipline. Excellence in all endeavors. Like the Romans of old recognized the best of each culture and took from it, I will do the same.

Watch me ascend.



Targets I have set

1. Height training

2. Deep work mentality


Height training


  • Growth charts show that most males grow very little after the age of 18. In rare cases, some may continue to grow into their early twenties
  • Factors influencing growth:
  1. Genetics (biggest)
  2. Nutrition (biggest after genetics)
  3. Sleep

Sprint training


  1. Reduces bf%
  2. Slows aging
  3. Improves CVS health
  4. Reduces stress

c/f : Boost Your Human Growth Hormone in 20 Minutes! - GoH

Currently involved practices

  1. Sprint 8
  2. Stretches
    a. Dead hang
    b. Toe touch
    c. Snake pose
    d. Child pose
    e. Downward dog
  3. Eat almonds (at least 10 a day)


  1. Current height : 177cm
  2. Goal height : 185cm
  3. Current age : 20 years

I am aware:

  • that height is genetic
  • that I have reached the end of my growing age
  • that my current height is good enough

But I will still try the above practices and see if they help. They cannot harm me, anyway.

I will probably start the regimen from Wednesday or Thursday onwards. Since I am currently unwell.

When this training regimen becomes sub-conscious to me, I will add the next goal.

Other notes

  1. I need to figure out what HIIT to do in college. At home I can run or use the elliptical but in college I need to figure out what is optimal
  2. Other practices I can research into implementing next : meditation, deep work, plyometrics, animal stretches

I will become the best. Because no one remembers the rest.


I like your style :sunglasses:

I believe in you man. It’s possible. :100:


Deep work mentality


  • Professional activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.
  • Deep work is the real work that gets one ahead in life

Types of deep work

  • This week I have vacation. I will focus on the Rhythmic Philosophy
  • When I get back to University, I will focus on the same philosophy. However, if my other commitments do not allow me to allocate time, I will look more into the Journaling Philosophy

Important landmarks

  1. Choose the right location
  2. Pick the correct duration
  3. Develop a good structure
  4. Find out your requirements

For example,

  • Use grand gestures to highlight the importance of your work. Set apart time and place for them.

  • Accountability is a must. For this reason I will try to post the hours of deep-work I log in every day.

  • Personally I will use a kanban board. This is just out of preference. I have one on my whiteboard with sticky notes. Maybe I will show it some time, if people request it.

Also remember to:

  • Prioritize down time. Our upper limit for deep work every day is around 4 hours. But that can be stretched, my personal opinion.

  • Develop a shut-down ritual.

Make ‘offline’ your default option, not your side option

  • Avoid mental looping; discipline distracted thoughts

  • Choose high quality leisure

C/f Deep Work: The Complete Guide (Inc. a Step-by-Step Checklist)

I will become the best. Because no one remembers the rest.


I am not sure why, but my height has increased by 2cm (almost 179cm)

I have not really enacted any changes except I have been more mindful of my posture. It may be just due to spinal decompression, either way, the change is welcomed. A little extra motivation. Don’t mean to sound petty but this makes me 6’+ in sneakers which is a nice height, but I don’t think about it too much.

Unfortunately Bayern lost to Dortmund yesterday. Oh well, we cannot always win in life. We only know what a victory is after we have tasted defeat.

My last day of relaxation, today I head back to college (reaching tomorrow);

Schedule following that will be as follows:

4:30 am Wake up and Quiet Time
5 -6 am 1 hour of early morning deep work not on digital devices except for lectures
6-7 am Sprint training OR another 1 hour of deep work (Alternate days)
7am - 4:30 pm University
5-7:30 pm 2.5 hours deep work at library OR basketball practice (Depends on when our team has practice)
7:30-8:30 Cool down and dinner
8:30- 9:30 Plan for tomorrow/check-in/talk to parents and sleep

Only deviation will be Saturday where I will stay up late as Sunday I only need to get up at 8 am.

Tomorrow this routine will not be possible because I will only reach the hostel at 6 am, hence directly I will have to reorganize the room, prepare for college etc. but from Wednesday (3rd April) I plan to follow this with GOD’S help.

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Sprint training will have to be on hold.
My basketball training has been shifted to mornings.
Evenings I will study.

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