Zorim's "THE ONLY SIMPLE" Dairy

Feels bad that my favourite Music Duo,the legendary French House music Daft Punk is no more and have parted their ways,after 28 years of incredible music,from 1993 to 2021.
I will miss you forever.

It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one
But there’s something about us I want to say
'Cause there’s something between us anyway…

Some dope lyrics from their music.


The epilogue they have put out for their split is heartbreaking.


Yes @Samaranjay ,Wish they had put out atleast one more album before their split.

Their last album was in 2013 btw which was an absolute hit and won many Grammy awards,made with Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams.


Yeah that hadn’t posted anything after 2014 I think.

Day 9 check-in :white_check_mark:

Attended college today,felt sick layer coz I ate a hell lot yesterday,so retired home at lunch.
Got some good sleep from 1 to 5 pm.
Binged a bit but studied some maths later.

Got inspired by fellow mates in the forum and made my own day routine.
Gonna follow it from tomorrow morning,very much excited.

Seeing @Martial_Beast whittle down his schedule checks consistency is freaking awesome and definitely inspired me.

Stay Strong Folks!


Day 10 Check-in:white_check_mark:

Average day at college.

Made a good routine to follow but somehow failed to run in the morning as I forgot to check my alarm and assign it to 6 but I woke up at 7.

Nevermind though,I easily got through other ones like butter by managing time properly,so that’s good.

Exam is in a few days,have to work hard.

Seeing @nofapstar123 study well makes me study as much , so yeah I take it as a challenge to study 6 hours a day while I even follow my daily routine.

Stay Strong Folks!

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My study increases as the streak goes on…
But when i relapse i waste alot of days that caused me lack alot. I have to cover up more now :exploding_head:

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It’s okay,being active on the forum really helped me maintain my streak and put my life in the right direction :grin:

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Day 11 check-in✅

Woke up a bit late, needs to stop setting overly realistic goals, burns me out early.

Studied hard in the morning till 1 pm, head hurts after that, straight up binged till 5pm thereafter, hate it as well, but no regrets. (Edit: It’s YouTube, samanrajay confused it with porn,sorry for the misunderstanding)

No matter how much hard I study, no matter how long I study, it takes a lot of time for me to cover my portion for board exams.But I won’t let me fool myself because I trust myself more than anyone does.
No matter how long it takes,I am going to persevere.

Stay Strong Folks

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Binged what brother??? P***???

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Day 11 update ,

Experienced strong urges after a long time in the evening, was stressed out about studies and was also alone for a bit so those wretched things made their entry.

I did not give in though and went for a bike ride. Some fresh air and the night with its beauty definitely calmed me and made me forget the urges.

Stay Strong Folks!

@Samaranjay na bro , It’s YouTube.
Sorry I did not provide context,it’s my mistake.
I never used to binge porn.
Binging porn?! That’s gross.

Hah then it’s ok :joy:

Yeah it is gross, but if someone has been a user for long most of the dopamine sensors get desensitized and they spend hours searching for novelty. Glad to know you are not there.