Your opinions on "healty" usage

Hey guys,

as I believe to be a ■■■■ addict, I am fighting to overcome this addiction. I am currently on a one week streak and managed longer streaks of 3-4 weeks before. Often I consume ■■■■ to overcome negative feelings and I want to create another, better coping mechanism. As I read more about NoFap, I know there are many people that are very strict and try to avoid any kind of orgasm. Contrary, sexuality is part of live and I guess most people would still consider sex with a partner as desirable.

Recently I was thinking about this addiction from a different perspective. Could’t masturbation and maybe also watching ■■■■ be totally fine as long as there is no “problematic” behavior? Very much like drinking alcohol in very small dose for pleasure every few weeks might increase the overall happiness, but is detrimental when consumed daily and the live starts falling apart. Then I was thinking it might also depend on the strength of the stimuli. For example, while alcohol might be no problem when consumed only from time to time, using harder drugs such as heroin should be avoided even when consumed rarely, since the effect is so strong and heavy addiction is induced directly.

In that sense, do you think ■■■■ is more like alcohol or heroin? I see that there are arguments that ■■■■ is more on the heroin side, since it induces a stimulus that is absolutely impossible to obtain from real life sexuality. Is masturbation as a lighter form maybe more comparable to alcohol and when consumed with caution totally fine?

On the other hand, although normal sex would be desirable, if I would conduct heavy usage (e.g. five times sex per day, frequently changing partners) it could result in bad outcomes. So maybe it is not really about the medium, it is more about the usage itself?

What are your opinions on this?



Most of us are here because at some point of time in our teenage lives, we consumed P without the mental maturity to understand what it is. As corn led to M, then O, our brains developed the neural pathway that P=O and hence dopamine surge. Most of us here are addiction to P rather than just M.

My opinion is that anything in the world can be made a sin if pushed in the wrong direction. Sexuality isn’t wrong, it’s what we need to keep our species driving. M and O aren’t evil, it’s a subset of sexuality. Even P to a certain extent could be used well (consensual partners, spice up the bedroom erc.) However over time of abusing it our brain has been warped past the point of seeing it as anything used for it’s originial intention, it’s merely to satisfy its cravings. And the crazy thing is, we always have the “post nut clarity” or sense of regret - we didnt even want to do it in the first place. That’s when you know you are addicted. Just as you said, alcohol isnt inherently evil, but when we abuse it it becomes the same concept. You can be addicted to sex and not M or O or anything in life, it just depends on how you use it. Even if you just M once a month but you use it in the wrong sense, and it gives you distress, I would count that as an abuse/addiction. You decide where to draw the line for your frequency and how strict you want to consider if you’re abusing something.

BE WARNED. Don’t get this wrong and mix up that M is “ok”. For most of us, just doing M is a slippery slope back to doing P because your brain will fall back into it’s habit of demanding more dopamine for that big O. This is more for your understanding of how you fucked your brain up. If you clearly resort to using P for M and O then I would advise not to think that you can get away with just doing M. It’s likely your P brain trying to trick you with hubris.