Your life goals

Hello everyone
Im at my weakest and there might be many who might be struggling to succeed in their life
But we all are determined to succeed no matter what
So here i create this post so that we share our life goals
And when we achieve them let us come back and tick mark the goals and share it here so as to motivate others
And also to motivate the others who fee like their life is ruined and they cant achieve anything in their life
Let us set an example that its possible to achieve great things

We usually share our problems so let us take time to share positive things too

So if u are posting then post as follows

Your name

And then start listing ur life goals


21 male

My goals

  1. Nov 23 ca inter exam clear
  2. Ca final clear (preferably 1st attempt)
  3. Buy a phone with own money
  4. Buy a two wheeler
  5. Buy a four wheeler
  6. Buy a house
  7. Go on a foreign trip
  8. Open an awareness youtube channel

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