Your Actions become your thoughts (Here is an example)

What you do is what you think I have been playing chess for past 15 days and I have played 236 games till now, out of which I have won 107 and lost 109 ( I am still learning​:sweat_smile:), and rest were inconclusive (which is also a win sometimes, better than facing defeat). The point is, now, even in my dreams, I think about chess. Whenever I get free time from work, I think about the moves of chess I could play to defeat my opponent. I sometimes get dreams of possible moves I could have used to avoid losing. You can say, I have replaced my sexual dreams with the smart manoeuvres of Chess. I no longer feel the need to watch porn or masturbate (although I wouldn’t get much cocky, I am and I will continue doing proper NoPMO forever). This is what positive habits do in life. they replace the negativity inside our mind and soon we become productive and happy. I will encourage everyone to start doing some hobby to indulge your mind and break free from sexual thoughts and urges. Nofapforver :fist:


But please be careful because if it is online, then it is addictive. It will stop recovery neurologically. That is what happened to me in December. You can learn about online chess addiction on youtube. As soon as one quits chess, he tends to come back to pmo.


That’s why…successful people say to work your ass off and POSSESS YOUR DREAMS. Everytime even in your sleep your mind think about work… this is what we can say… LOVING THE PROCESS.

Example of Elon musk: He said…he work 100 hours a week. This is how possession looks like.


Thanks bro about this. As soon as I read this message, I saw the video on Online chess addiction (link:- and yes, you are right. Its a real issue. I will make sure not to play more than 5 games a day.


Bro, please be very careful because the problem starts when we stop or reduce playing chess. Try skipping ropes or pushups etc. to fill that void. This addiction (or beginning of it) is much easier to get rid of. You just need to save your Nofap streak carefully while leaving it. :+1:

5 is also too much, but good to start to be safe. Reduce 1 game every next day.


I tried to play 1 game daily but always end up playing 2 or 3 till night. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

but now I have deleted that app… but after my exam I wil install it again. And try to play 1 game only from the start.


I had also suffered from this online chess addiction earlier, but now I play only one match daily…


The thing is, I would think less in terms of chess addiction, porn addiction and so on. you don’t heal one and establish the other.

I think you can categorize different addictions.
There are the once which let you relax (like smoking or alcohol). There are ones which make you more awake (LSD and stuff) and the ones which let you forget your real life (everything in the internet, alcohol and so on)

I don’t need to relax more. That’s why smoking has absolutely no appeal to me. On the other hand, everything that makes me forget my real life catches me immediately.

That’s why “keeping yourself busy” works for so many people here in the forum. At least until they are not busy anymore. Being busy also means to be absent of your real life. So, that’s basically the same thing.
We can’t heal our P addiction until we learn to live without any drug of the same category.

Elon Musk is a good example. People look up to him and see him as successful. But if you look careful, he is just another addict. There is a nice answer of him to the question what he suggests people who wanna be like him. He said “I’m not sure if I wanna be like myself”.

If you listen to him, you can here his struggles.

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Bro @HappySoul soul is absolutely right
I use to play chess online ALOT and came close to 1k rating but I was super addicted and in the middle of studies even I used to go play
I completely cut it out and am super relived because now I get time for other things like music/arts and writing blogs