You need to understand this

It is important that how you see or identify yourself .
Our consumerist society makes us think that we are only body and mind . But we are much more than these . First, let’s discuss importance of mind and body in our present human civilization . Mind along with body is also given same importance. You can see that intelligent people are admired in our society ,Scientists , Doctors , engineers etc has a respectable place . And they deserve it too .I will not discuss here how their inventions ruined the mother nature . But we all have to admit that same mind is the reason of most of our problems . That’s why depression , anxiety , addictions etc exists . Now let’s talk about body . There are some biological demands of body like sex , food etc . Food is consumed not only for filling stomach but it gives some sort of satisfaction to our mind . That’s why we all have different favorite foods which makes us ‘feel good’ . So big capitalists make full use of our need of this ‘feel good’ thing . You already know how fast food companies get million dollars of profit in minimum investment . Now come to our sex instinct , same theory as food that sex is not only for reproduction . It also makes us ‘feel good’ . So again I don’t have to repeat that how they use our sex instinct to sell their products . Literally , they use it in selling toothpaste also . So mean . I mean what is the need of putting girls in men’s underwear ads.Best example is high earning movies and porn(most devastating thing to a man)showing what our reptilian mind wants to see .

In staring of this article , I wrote that we are much more than our mind and body . Then what we are if we are neither body nor mind . Lets take a example of a seed . There is a seed of any tree or plant . Now if we say to the seed that you are a tree . You have the ability to become a tree . You know it’s reaction . It will say ‘are you kidding me?’ . And it’s obvious reaction. As a seed , it can’t imagine itself more than a tiny particle which is buried in soil . Same as human . Human thinks that we are only body and a brain at the top of the body , That’s it . But what if I tell you that you have tremendous ability to break the limits of this body and mind . No you are not going to become a tree . I just want to convey that you are not just a body which is decaying day by day . Think yourself . What gives energy to this body which makes blood from a piece of bread . Yes you guessed it . You are a form of energy . And energy neither be created nor be destroyed (as per my science book ,when I was in school) . Just imagine yourself as a active source of energy which is just using this body to live on earth . So now I assume that you understand that you are neither body nor mind . So if you are none of these , then why are you getting trapped in the false needs of this body. Detach yourself from this body and mind . Don’t indulge yourself in the matters of mind and body . Now , don’t get me wrong here . I am not telling you to hate this body . This body is the only way of that energy we talked about above to take form in this planet . Let me clarify my points by giving an another example . Electricity . It’s also a energy . It can do many wonders . But what if it assumed itself as only a tiny bulb of Thomas Edison . It will ruin all his ability which otherwise is going to illuminate this planet and so on . So keep your bulb (body) bright but don’t think yourself as a tiny body .

If you don’t get what I want to convey by this article.
RLet me conclude in less words. I want to say that there is a M in of us which don’t want movies , fancy foods , unlimited sex , or even porn . I am from Bharat and here are many divine people who are living without these things and much more joyful and satisfied than we were ever . At the end we all want to be happy and we try to get happy by pleasures . But you should know this line that ‘never fed ever satisfied , ever fed never satisfied’. So train yourself to abstain from this pleasures . Because pursuit of pleasures only lead to dissatisfaction that’s why drug addicts , porn addicts exists .I know many ex alcohol addicts , ex porn addicts who are recovered now and they don’t feel like they still need those things . Their needs decreased , they are living minimalistic life and more satisfied rather frustrated .

Note: Meditation 1 hour daily with living consciously ( means not numbing your consciousness to get that high ) is the way to decrease the trivial needs and demands of this body and mind .


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