Yoga or normal exercises?

I am 15 y/o, Which is better to do for me? Yoga or Exercises like pushups , situps , etc.

I know yoga is better but it requires an open space which is not available here.
I am practicing two pranayams daily
Alom vilom and Kapal bhati

Can anyone suggests me some more pranayam for begginer and some yogic exercise which can be done in room or anyother exercise like pushup , situp , etc.
And at what time we should practice them , Morning or evening ?
Thanks for giving your valuable time🙏


Hey there man…

Though question… I honestly I don’t wanna be an a-hole or give you bull, one guy will say do bodyweight exercises (like the push-ups etc.) and other will say do yoga. Basically it is still up to you as you will not really get a 100% conclusive answer as you know the goals you wanna achieve.

Honestly in my opinion explore both at the same time as it can improve your performance of the body whilest increasing strength as well as mobility and also it will help in growth in general with improved moblity and the yoga can stablise you more in bodyweight exercise, as in every exercise form is everything . Also a small yoga session before and after could be incorporated as a good warm-up and cool down to avoid injuries and also can help prevent sore muscles

You can choose how to do it maybe do bodyweight exercises two days with yoga and on the third only do yoga and repeat.

Or alternate it one day yoga one day exercises. It is up to you and you can decide also to workout everyday with yoga session too, but then you have to split your workouts. Like on a monday or day 1 of your exercise routine full-body workout . Day 2 arms and abs day 3 legs, day 4 back and sholders (day 5 or 6 some cardio ) day 7 rest. If day 5 you do cardio don’t do too strenuous training on day six little reps and sets , but if you wanna work on endurence push day 5 hard and do light cardio on day 6.

Maintaining a balance is key.

Also 5 min yoga before and after a workout is sufficient, but it all depends on what you wanna do!

If you want to you are more than welcome to dm me and we can arrange to workout together!

Well on the time of day it also depends on you, I know I sound very indecisive and give to many options and opinions, but it is a question with lot of veriables as I don’t know your body (obviously as I am not you and I don’t know your habits)

Seeing that you do your yoga mornings and evenings a small exercise session can also be done then.

Some will say for best results and not quiting an exercise do it first thing in the morning with as you have more energy and minimum distractions and to start the day strong and fresh. As if you would do it in the evenings coming tired from school and work and don’t feel like working out

Some will say in the evenings, late afternoon as you don’t feel as sleepy or lazy in the mornings just struggle getting out of bed or have limited time as you have to get ready for school or work and don’t give 100% attention to the workouts as the are fast and also limited to maybe 1-2 reps per workout if you are that short on time.

Well I stick mostly to late afternoon or the evening as I find it easier to plan my workouts throughout the day and find it easier to commit doing it at this time

Good luck bro I hope you find the answer you are looking for! Either way they are both good decisions. Stay strong and awesome !!


As per my own personal experience I would suggest yoga… See our main goal is mental peace and happiness… People build muscle just to feel better… According to science Yoga is way more better than normal exercises


Life without both is nothing.


Thank you so much :pray:, I will start with some pranyams in morning and around 20 min of workout in evening. Will see the results

Thanks u so much , I will start with some basic pranayams for couple of weeks first

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