Yellow semen after 48 days of No Fap

I have relapsed today after 48 days.
I noticed my semen was like yellowish.
It is common for not ejaculating for long time or any underlying health issue?

Bro instead of asking here… you should consult a doctor… no offense but it will be much safer for you as we don’t know much about these things so it’s just not appropriate to give any advice…

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Maybe try reading more into it here:

But, I would follow @loser12’s advice. Just go to a doctor and get it checked.

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i dont have any symptoms mentioned above.
Sure I will get it checked.

Yes it’s normal, happens to me when don’t release semen for long time.


bruh thats very simple, your body is not hydrated. U must drink more water and it will turn to normal. Semen is released with a bit of urine, in this case its concentrated yellow urine.

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glad to hear that…i will fap in days again to see how it goes. If it continues I will get a prescription.

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