Would be having sex during nofap/pmo be a relapse?

I am just thinkink here. If i did have sex last time two years ago, now i am in nofap (only 7th day today, but with no urges…), and, i would get laid intentionally -would that be a relapse? I dont want to fap any more and quitting porn is nit an issue as i did not watch it often. How about checking tinder / badoo? I guess even seeing girls there has the same dopamine effect on me as watching porn…

I think Tinder is really dangerous because everything people want there is probably sex, not a genuine relationship.

Well, I think you can have sex if

  1. You are married with the other person
  2. You don’t use protections.

(So that you don’t have sex just for pleasure but because you actually want a family. If you have sex for pleasure only it’s just like fapping but worse)

But this is just my opinion, not widly accepted rules


Dating apps and sites are like porno. Only more clothes.


Having sex for taking out your nofap urge is definitely a relapse …


Damn! I thought it would not be easy. Only hoped for it as for an excuse :slight_smile: however, if i find a lady for a long term mistress-like relationship, i will no longer need a noPMO/noFAP. till that time - already reached 7 days like a charm. No urges, no “cheating” on dating sites/apps. Lets RnR till it happens…!

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