Work on your willpower

The main thing of this journey is…

#You have to take a decision today, right now. Whether you want to carry on moving towards the light or not.

All my beloved brothers, this is so simple. Don’t mess up with low confidence and low willpower.
Just keep in mind that,
willpower is the main key.

If you want to relaps, nothing is gonna stop you doing that.

On the other hand, if you do not want to do it (from heart), nothing, nothing and NOTHING is gonna make you do that…

  believe me brothers.

The reality is
whenever we do relaps, we pretend as if we did not want to do that, somehow it just happend.
Actually, before doing every relaps we must have to a take decision.
1/ jump into the darkness
2/ move forward towards light.
And we choose the 1st one and relaps. we take this decision so quickly that after doing relaps we think we did it subconsciously.

So, everything depends on you. YES YOU . It is your choice. That means if you relapsed it was your choice. And if YOU feel that YOU do not want to do that again by heart, start believing that YOU WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN. Because this is your choice.
Believe me, brothers this will boost your confidence.

But there is exceptions…
We can not control those thoughts coming to our mind. So whenever something related to porn comes to our mind, we should focus on something we are really interested. And if you want those thought nor to come to your mind, just make yourself BUSY with work, don’t stay idly.

I have written all these from my own experience. Love to all brothers. We can do this.


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