Withdrawal symptoms — do they get better?

24M here, on my 18th day of NoFap. This is my 2nd time abstaining from PMO ever and I’m going past my previous streak, which is amazing. My goal is 90 days and seeing where I’ll go from there.

And I know mood swings are part of the withdrawal symptoms, but I’ve been really feeling down these days and I’m not the sort of person to be sad and moody like this. I’m usually very chill and relaxed so it feels really off, as if I’m not really myself. I get affected by very trivial matters and am unable to focus on tasks for very long.

So to those who’ve gone ahead further than me, does it get better? Are there any ways to cope with these unusual emotions?

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A good start. All those things you’ve mentioned are a byproduct of nofap. To answer you question regarding feeling down, generally occurs when you’ve been exposed to erotica or stuff that triggered you unknowingly. You might have thought, no way I’m going to fap to this, but when you have seen a pretty lady, you might wanna see more of her or some other pretty lady, and the reason you can’t let it out subconsciously upsets you.

It messes up your dopamine tweak. I’ve been there by myself several times. You know what I do now. I’m practicing monk mode such as keeping my gaze down when in public, I mean not looking at other women in public, (of course God has commanded us to do so ) Avoiding looking at pretty women on screen. Don’t even look at anything even slightest.

To get out of this, I usually engage myself in more fun that activities that increases dopamine such as hangouting with friends, calling bestie/sibling, reading, playing an outdoor sport or even playing videogame.

And don’t let this feeling get you to relapse and ruin your almost 30 day streak, which is a first milestone of this journey. It’s just a phase that might end within a few hours or perhaps a day or two maximum. All the best.


Cheers. Thanks for the advice! I’ll overcome the obstacles one step at a time.

After a week I felt less urge and also I uninstalled trigger apps like insta


My urges are strong and weak at different times. But I’m getting better at handling them. Hope you’re doing great too.

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The withdrawal symptoms changes quite often, but it is because you body is compensating for the changes you bring to it. Esspecially when you near your best streak count and also a week or so there after as it your body knows around this time you have fapped and is trying to stimulate you into doing it.

Same with the urges happens as well fapping and porn is a quick way to get a reward not a lot of effort in order to achieve pleasure. So mainly it could also be a weekly thing as most reach a flat line around day 7 to 14 as your mood, energy levels etc change from happy and energetic and super horney to sad and lazy an super horney and most likely this pattern might occur on these intervals again depending on the day you felt a spike in energy is concidered where your Testosterone levels increased as some studies have shown and also it can be like a "steroid " as it is our main sexual Hormone as well as it could influnce our mood obviously our bodies is use to a lower level of Testosterone.

Look fapping doesn’t kill the T- levels like okay you might have 100 parts of Testrone in your blood and when you fap it is capped at 50. There is a drop, but will restore back to a 100 as it is your normal levels. Studies have found that the is an increase in T-levels maybe even dubble of your normal level so in order to restore the balance it is in need of sexual realise to lower the level, but however the body also consumes the Testosterones in other parts of our male attributes so levels go back to normal the day or two there after and that is where the flatline comes in and your T-levels stay at the example of a 100 until you have reached 7 to 14 days or longer again.

As some studies have shown that nofap could also lead to a decrease in T-levels below normal, but this caused to normalize those levels . As mentioned that the body is compensating the change that had occurred. So that’s why I also said longer the second time as the levels might be low and takes a bit longer to reach that peak again.

With that as well the other hormones like the big D and other “happy hormones” comes into play and also where pmo is a continuous habit the body will try and wanna feel good rather than to deal with all the hormones being out of balance and take the easy route to get those hormones.

So in not pleasing the urge as per usual there is no Dopamine and other “happy hormones” to make you feel good the obvious thing is the experience of the mood swings etc.

But you can condition this like mentioned. But also a balance has to be maintained. It is the easiest to cut out major triggers , don’t me wrong on this point. If in public obviously you aren’t able to control your enviroment and also you can’t control every possible senario. If a good looking girl buys you a drink what are you gonna do? Be rude and not accept the drink. See I know some women are desprate for a fun time and like I said you can’t avoid them and you are gonna have to learn to handle awkward situations.

It is not going to be like you wanna have a quickie with each girl you see. No, as some guys mention in benefits that you may get alot of attention from girls as you come accross as more manly in the nofap journey. And forcing an urge now and then could also be good.( Please I ment in a flirt way and not by edging or have sex or rape someone or fap) Rather by forcing an urge can teach you where your limits are and also to deal with an situation like this. Also accidental triggers might reach you and you are going to have to respond accordingly.

The best way is for you to do this is practice to be your own porn blocker, because we all use the internet and we all wanna watch for example a Netflix flim or a video on a how to guide for a food recipe on Youtube.

The thing is there are golden rules you can incorporate to it.

Obviously and basic to nofap no cellphones in the bedroom or atleast if it is there off and have no internet connection this you got to practice. As well as no cellphone time in the bathroom execpt when you are on Spotify for example to listen to a podcast or music, but it should be in sleep mode or locked and in your pocket.

Google with a plan in mind if you want a recipe google only for it and then get off it. Instagram is a big red flag, as there is a lot of pics and videos but i have at this moment no issue in using it. Yes, I will be honest I saw a nude girl there, as I added her se dm me a pic and I removed and blocked her immediately and it hasn’t bothered me eversince as I use it to chat to friends and sometimes suggest some people (this is where I fell for the nude girl) as her profile looks legit and cool, but her dms are nasty. Also I use it to follow the world of soccer and also I like working out at home so some good workout circuits are found there.

So basically condition yourself in your circumstances!! Then it will become easier to avoid porn etc. Learn new habits and like mentioned in previous post do stuff that will make you happy and the symptoms will get reduced and you’ll get to know your body more and also what to do amd what to avoid.

Sorry for the long reply, but I just thought it was worth the mention!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


This is a very thoughtful reply. Thank you Cubenix.

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Damn, this was really insightful. Thank you so much! Yeah I’m somewhat on a flatline but just feeling really down lately. Can’t wait for things to get better!

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Bro how do you avoid looking at pretty ladies. i
If i try to ignore a girl, They will sometimes stand there or make some movement until i look at them. Also women are everywhere in work, gym, university. It’s not possible to not look at them.

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We cant remove them from our life…it means you can’t change your external material …you can fight with this situation by increasing your internal energy…so to improve will power and self control you should do meditation and regular exercise …and go to bed at proper time and wake up at proper time…


Thanks. Sure that seems more appropriate. Increasing internal strength is more durable.

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Update: the sadness and emptiness has gone but I’m still high unproductive. This happens every semester in uni so I’m not too bothered by it.

Hoping to have a breakthrough after I realign myself and establish my goals :v:t2: