[Winner1986's Diary] Hello! New to this forum


I’m new to this forum and I’m so glad I found it! It’s refreshing to see that other guys have come together to help one another on this journey. I’ve been on this journey a while and haven’t had any luck. I’m hoping that being here will help me.


Starting my own diary helped me get my longest streak! I’m praying the same happens for you, and welcome!


welcome and good luck to all of us!

Thanks for the welcome. Is there an app for Rewire companion? I saw where someone mentioned it.

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Yes available in playstore.

@Winner1986 … welcome brother … together we can do it definitely…

This PMO is worse than anything… and TBH it is really very very strong… we have to be dead serious for NoFap only then we can win.

All the best brother. :+1:

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Is it available for iPhone?

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Maybe. I’m an Android user . You can try searching it though

No @Winner1986. The app is not available for iPhone. You have to use it from web.