Will you give up religion and caste, if it's going to create peaceful world

Faith is individuals right. None can object or interfere in others belief. But there is discrimination based on religion, race, caste. People created the religion, caste. All religions propagates peaceful coexistence. But I feel people are moving apart.
Why shouldn’t people come forward to give up religion and caste. I am not talking about atheists. People should be able to enter all church, mosque, temple without discrimination.
People should be faithful to the land they live, people surrounding them and the language they speak which forms their culture. Religion should be more decentralized. Every place should have is own identity and people should follow them, than following a place which is miles apart and the leaders from different region. World should have many small countries with leaders who aren’t power hungry. People should develop their inherent quality of love which can overcome all differences.


All good goals… Getting rid of religion will not achieve them. For each item on the list of “bad things” that people say come about from religion there are 100 or more great things. The older widows and poor and people who are at their wits end who are saved by a scripture, sermon, financial assistance, or service provided by a community of faith are the priceless fruit of religion. The value of these would also be lost. Religion doesn’t change the world overnight but it changes hearts daily. I think we get a bargain of a deal with Godliness (and thereby goodliness) on our side. If you give up the power combating evil then the evil soon conquers.


I have not read your full article.
I am replying only to your Topic Heading.
Yes i would give up my religion if it creates some peace.

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Removed my comment. These are extremely interesting topics but I need to focus on my studies.

I don’t want to get rid of faith of people. I wanted to unify faiths, since all leads to good things as you mentioned. Should reduce the differences.

I dont think that giving up religions will help us any more than giving up phones, we need some one to look up to , pray to , call to in our time of need , No religion=Caos


Try as u may but that is not entirely possible because each religion although in essence is the same has a different set of principals that every does not believe to be right

I’m not religious, and frankly, I’m not loyal to any color or creed or country.

Truth be told, religion is more about authority and social control than i is about identity. People are social animals, and that means that we will always form tribes and always find reasons to control one another, and religion is just one of the reasons we find to do so.


So what religion are you suggesting we unify under? Muslim? Hindu? Jewish? Sihk? Mormon? Baptist? Catholic? Scientology? I get the goal… I really do. I think if my faith was the truth but many others do too. Yes life might be easier without the differences but the struggle is what builds us. Someday I believe we will come to a unity in the faith but we need that struggle to truly learn who God is. But right now the diversity of life is what makes it beautiful.

@anon31780630 damn! You took words outta my mouth. I totally agree with you and my view is same. Even I’m not loyal to any race, creed and country. And I never will be, ever! And the form of social control and tribalistic rituals you talked about is so 100% true. You cannot get or see enough of it. Extremely cult like character.

@anon31780630 man I love your answer , just letting you know for the 2nd time :grin::clap::+1: you spit out the truth. I feel so light haha

I feel being as tribe is good. Yet there are some tribes in many parts of the world living peacefully with little contact from outside world. They are within certain boundary. Their leader is within themselves. Their decision making may be better than modern democracy i feel.
When it comes to religion, people are more scattered and mingled. They have their allegiance to leader who is not within his reach or boundary. The leaders are from somewhere.
I feel people of a region should be united and think about welfare of people surrounding them, their land. What people wants to know is what is Right and Wrong and have simple faith as i believe there should be something which created universe.