Will My Brothers Guide me?

Greetings to all my Brothers, I am Aditya from Bihar Studying in 10th Grade and I turned 15 this year. This all started at the age of 12 and it’s been 3 years since I am trying to get over it. I know it can’t be stoped completely but it can be avoided for a long period of time. I am a positive minded person and I express whatever I feel. I am unable to go more than a day or two days. In past I had achieved a target of 94 days but I think being overconfident about it killed my streak and I think I am getting into chaser effect. I don’t know whether I should count these days or not?
My board examinations are approaching in this month of November and I am unable to concentrate because of these thing.
It is my humble request to all my brothers elder than me and also smaller than me


Hey bro, respect for you

  • don’t spend much time alone, at least the first few days.

  • then make sure to always do something to make tomorrow slightly better , like anything as simple or hard it can be.

  • Build a life routine/plan/schedule and include sport or/and a hobby.

  • You can defeat this, the streak is not the purpose, just a reminder U started a journey toward much better future, so don’t give up.
    You can relapse every few days for 50 days, or You can ask yourself every time ’ am I gonna give up now ’ and keep going, just imagine not giving up every day for 50 days ,it will be great.

  • Last thing, you need to give up something, give up the desire to satisfy your sexual desires. There is urges or what ever but I’m not looking to satisfy them, give up this lust.

Keep going, we’re proud of you


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