Widgets for free

(portuguese, my english isn’t good enough)

O widget, se fosse livre pra todo mundo, ia ser bem mais fácil, por que o cara/garota ia ficar se lembrando pra não fazer.

Mas fazer o que. É a vida, nem pra um problema que tu quer sair tem que pagar pra poder chegar a um objetivo, impulsionar, pra ser mais claro…

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From google translate

The widget, if it were free for everyone, was going to be much easier, because the guy / girl was going to keep reminding herself not to do it.
But do what. It’s life, not even for a problem that you want to leave, you have to pay to be able to reach a goal, to boost, to be clearer …

See the thing is, I can make the entire app free, but let’s be real, I gotta sustain myself and justify the time I spend.
You have to realize there is some person spending countless hours tweaking and improving this app. It doesn’t come out of thin air. Besides, the amount is less than an average Mc Donalds meal. I’ve tried to make as much features free as possible making sure that free version isn’t severely crippled and the people who have paid are getting their money’s worth.

Adding on this, most free apps aren’t really “free”, many apps, and I mean many, sell your data. And I assure you, none of your data will ever be sold or shared with anyone. Apart from the in-app survey (Which is op-in)


i think it is already amazing how much you do for us!
the app is working amazingly even if you don’t pay anything


I made a donation, cause i appreciate this app! Now, i use the widget! I like it!


I am glad i donated tobthis noble soul. Stay blessed.