Why semen retention is so necessary

We all are here for one aim, to stop masturbating and watching porn. But why did we start it in the first place and why do we have to stop it now?
Usually people say it’s ok it’s normal and its healthy to release but actually what happens is that the most enriching source of energy, sperm is lost for nothing and only this makes us feel bad.
Most of us started it because we heard it from elder children or adults or some of us just got to know it from the internet. Why are people throwing it over us? If it’s so good why they don’t do it themselves? It is because those industrialists are afraid of revolution, they are afraid of strong mighty men who have the light of truth on their faces and do not fear death. When such godlike, true men would come to an existence then, the lies of such corporate houses will be caught. So they make us weak and hesitant to work or research by throwing PMO over us.
The great mahatama Gandhi liberator of South Africa and India from the British once said that each person who wants to be among him shall have to abstain from releasing semen and will have to follow celibacy. It is the power of truth and this natural force that even the thin and skinny mk Gandhi didn’t fear anything and liberated two nations. If you all also want to improve the situation of your nation, if you have sympathy for you fellow countrymen and you want to succeed stop it now.
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