Why NoFap is the best thing to happen in 20th century?

I know it feels good; I do it, but sometimes I feel that this is so unnatural and I’m not supposed to do it but then why I do it? I know this question has been inside your mind for a long time. The saddest part is, you never get a plausible answer to stop yourself. Your mind craves for one valid proof; a living proof. I tried to find one, nevertheless I never came through. And then I realized that we need to have proof by contradiction. I know and I’m sure that I feel wasted, tired and guilty when I masturbate. So my logical inference was, “~masturbate, ~guilty”. That is the only way it has to go; sometimes, we need to rely more on hope than a proof. If the world was so rational and easy, I’m sure we’ll construct god someday.
So please stop masturbating and wasting your seeds, it has your whole history and the histories of your ancestry in it. To put my two cents in it, you know your ailments so please stop lying to yourselves. It hurts right, it feels bad and you feel tired always. why? because you’re losing it, simple.
Sometimes I think, “Why I’m masturbating?” while I’m masturbating. Sometimes I don’t even feel good but I do it, because its an addiction. And you think addiction is safe, well, NO. You know why we masturbate? because it feels good. You know why you wanna feel good? because you always feel bad, and that is the only thing that makes you feel good. And what makes you feel bad? your own disposition of your life. You’re constantly putting yourself in a bad mood to get what you want, in fact, you find a reason to do it. Now, how bad does that sound? real bad. So people stop masturbating for your sake. Though I cannot stop you from doing what you want to do, but I can act as a motivational factor to stop you from masturbating. Literally and figuratively, its in your hands.



The practice of NoFap has been there even in the early twentieth century. ‘Practical Methods to Insure Success’ by H.E Butler is one such example. It refers to NoFap as Regeneration.