Why nofap is important to me

There is one simple reason why I try (and will) quit porn:

I’m bored -> let’s watch a porn
I’m tired -> porn makes me awake
I’ve so much stuff to do -> let’s escape to porn
I’m scared doing something -> let’s escape to porn

my rational decision-making is destroyed by porn. My brain says that it is the solution for everything. But I wanna get my decision making back into my hand!

I’m bored -> let’s do something interesting
I’m tired -> let’s take a nap
much stuff to do -> let’s start it and get it done
scared? -> I don’t care, I do it anyways

That’s why I don’t care about: semen retention, gains at the gym, thicker hair, my look, how long my life will be, super powers, is it a relapse if i …, 90 days challenge, and so on

That’s why, at some point, I will have an amazing life where I can decide what my body does. Because for an amazing life, I don’t need superpowers. I don’t need to stay abstinent from every pleasure. But every source of pleasure has to be in balance with each other. I want a life where I can have sex when it is appropriate, where I can decide to do stuff I was scared before. In general, A life where my CONSCIOUS brain can analyze and tell me what to do.


I dont know if some people do get superpowers on whatever mode but according to me there are hardly any superpowers, nofap has turned something similar to a religion. Its like in Hinduism they say that if you do good deeds you go to heaven or in islam they say if you follow it properly you will get to go to ‘Jannat’ and will get all the luxuries.

Why is it required to give false hopes to people? It should be a conscious decision on everyone’s part to get rid of this addiction if they want to be better person and want to lead a fulfilling life. And people do strongly believe that the superpowers are waiting for them to reach 90 days. And I have also seen that those with this objective hardly reach 90 days or reap the actual benefits of nofap.

In the end it all depends from person to person. Whatever makes one happy.


beautifully written!


Damn! You are so correct on this one. Very well said. Some think men who preserve sexual energy, those men become supermen who can move the whole universe. Whatta load of new age crap. Nofap, noPMO is just a way to bring back focus in areas that deserve more attention, like career and personal finance etc. People just love emotionally appealing magical fantasies.


Cheers! Couldn’t have said it better. Agree with you.