Why my streak don't go beyond 5 days

I want to know that what different you are doing to increase your streak.
Every time I loose my self and relapsed in 2-3-4 days.
Please help me to elevate my goal


You have to cut out all possible distractions firstly, remove all triggers and force yourself to be productive
When you are bored urges come more
Also, the first 5 days remember they are do or die
Your brain prefers relapse on the first 5 days as you begin to experience the noFap benefits only after day 5


Keep yourself occupied. This can be only effortless if you are surrounded by friends. Go stay in a bachelor room. After 2 weeks you ll fall in flatline mode. The most irritating mode but worth it. Believe me. Once you see 14 days in your counter, you dont like to reset and go back to square one. See the counter and check the badges. It ll help you move forward. Give it a try.


just don’t count days the first 2-3 weeks.

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Be busy all day long, be productive, think positive, think about your goal, do meditation, affirmation. Don’t always think about fap fap fap, see the life beyond it, see the beauty. You have to be very hard to overcome the first 5 days. Then you will get a momentum.


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