Why is the desire for a virgin wife so frowned upon these days?

Curious to know what you guys think.


Why would you demand virgin girls, when in general men are ready to sleep with any girl they get?
If men themselves won’t fuck any girl, besides there wife, then we will automatically get virgin girls (wife’s precisely).

Its our fault. We feel horny, girls know that. They can sense our true nature. Sorry to say bruh, somehow we men have created our own demise.

From the Times of the kings, they had 4-5 wives. Women were good even then. Now, as society progresses, men is same, women had to change, opportunistic or whatever we might say, but I can’t blame women as much.

Like, one might give argument that they cheat. But they can’t cheat unless other men is there to have her? Like dude, we men ourselves are fucked up. We want other women, even if they are someone’s gf. Strong men, attractive men in general. Should she remain loyal? Yups she should. But if she cheats or had sex, it’s fault on both genders. Idk if anyone would understand my thinking. I have good female friends, so I know there perspective. Its not easy to define their life. I feel pity on them.

Some men don’t, some women don’t, some men indulge in these acts of illicit pleasure, some women indulge in these acts of illicit pleasure.

So if you ask me about virginity, first men should control their behaviour. I have seen girls being frustrated with these questions.

Women are vulnerable, we men have the responsibility to safeguard them, by Changing ourselves also.

I am not Muslim but see Islam, their you will find most girls virgin, why? Cuz they already follow their responsibilities as men and women. No cheating from both sides(not just about relationship, life rules in general). It never works from one side.


If we’re standing on the grounds that there exists “the one and only”, or that sex outside of marriage is against the rules of life in general, no matter if the source of this belief is religion or heartbreak approach to live, then ok.

But otherwise, what is the real virtue in being a virgin, no matter the gender in question. In my opinion, there’s something beautiful in pursuing relationship with another person mostly for partnership in life, and only once we’re sure of one another, we’re getting to the corporal part of the relation.

I’m not one of these people, and I’m not relating to p***, but real-life situations. Now, I’ve never engaged in this kind of things with someone for whom I didn’t have feelings. But there are several things. Most importantly, corporal encounter is pleasant, and we cannot deny this, this we pursue it, both men and women actually. This means that sometimes we get to the business before we’re able to say the eternal “yes”. Sometimes people simply make mistakes in judging people. Sometimes you get to know the other person from they worse sides only after it’s been done.

The way I see it - being a virgin only means you’ve been patient and persistent, but I wouldn’t pursue having virgin wife - there’re so many better things to look for in people. Worst of all - I really don’t think that being a virgin correlates all that well with being a good person.


Most men don’t bro. The few top tier men get majority of the girls and most men have little to no sexual experience.

I believe it’s not a fault to be who we are. Men have 12-17 times the testosterone as compared to women.

Let’s not ignore the fact that despite us men having the desire, it is generally women who grant access to sex (with the exception of r∆pe, which is not the norm).

And regarding your point on Islam, polygamy is allowed in Islam. Men can have upto 4 wives but not the other way round. Although it’s not encouraged but it is allowed. So even religion acknowledges that biological reality.

But my question wasn’t looking for justification of promiscuous behaviour in women. People can do whatever they want as far as I’m concerned. I just don’t understand the hypocrisy of belittling men who want virgins.


If we are talking about the US where this belittling over wanting virgins prevail, i would just say that’s a ruined society mate. Women there are actually in a position where they fuck the rich, or powerful. Its how that society was raised. Most of them don’t recognise purity of body to be a part of spiritual purity. Also, we can’t deny the fact that it’s a demand issue.

But still we want them, this raises their value. Although that value fades with time.

Now tell me, if you were a powerful person, won’t you yourself pull the girls? U would obviously. Unless it’s discarded from the society, it will stay there only.

Similarly women have different hormones that makes them act like that in intimidating situations.

I was just mentioning one aspect which is the spiritual and physical purity aspect of Islam. How strictly they follow it.

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I’ll just argue with one little thing with you if I may, later I’ll do more research on this, though…

Although I can’t argue about the numbers, I’m afraid that doesn’t make the point. Both genders have sex drive, and for women it’s not testosterone that makes it work. As I said, there’s more research to be done in this from my side… Just pointing out that you might not be making the point you wanted…

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JFL if u think that, most of the girls are not virgin, they are changing. Ik muslim girl from my friend circle and she revealed that most of the muslim girls are not virgin, Many Girls are dating since 14 and losing V cards n btw don’t date muslim girl their men are really insecure, My brother was heckled once,They feel violated if u date their women.

Note: This was my experience, nothing xenophobic or Islamophobic is there. If anyone felt bad, ur prob.

Idk why we want virgin girl for marriage,
just be first to her bro theory ftw btw.

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For this happen, all men should stop. And its impossible. Right?

It is more an individual choice.
Cheating is a choice & not an option. Outsiders will come & f*ck our lives. Because we dont except any care or loyalty from them. We expect loyalty from our partner.

Bhayi the Thieves will do robbery. We should be a Good Policemen. You cant magically eliminate all thieves. But you sure can restrict those thieves from stealing.

Lol. In real they cant sense true nature. They are vulnerable and can be easily manipulated (most of them).

(I was a manipulator myself long back).

So what should we do? Eliminate all men? But they want male friends… They cant be blamed also… What should we do to have a loyal partner?

Would I cheat if there are 100s of n*de girls or pornstars in front of me?
Many men (real men) can step aside from that. But still they do get a disloyal partner. Whats then?

Conclusion - You can expect a virgin only if you never did sex outside marriage before.

It applies for both genders. A chastate women should only expect Chastate Man and vice versa.


If you think its just US, you are ignoring the future.

I am from India, and we have plenty of such ill minded here. Right now they are mostly in biggest cities but its spreading… Its really spreading. And maybe in few decades it will be story of my Bharatvarsh as well. GenZ will take over. Dont forget that.


Ik pretty well. Its just that it is behind curtains because its Taboo😂. No community is untouched bro. All have such elements.

Facts bro!

Also, you’re absolutely right about all men being good. That is an idealistic dream. We must operate in reality.

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I dunno about that bro. In my experience, most women don’t mind their man’s sexual past as long as he’s faithful to her while he’s with her. In fact, a man’s sexual past in many cases is a plus. Women tend to look for social proof. They are attracted to a man desired by other women.

This goes back to an earlier point I made about 80% of women flocking towards 20% of the top tier males. Now I’m not saying they actively seek playboys, it’s more of a subconscious thing from what I’ve read.

This disparity in how men and women perceive their partners’ sexual past may be attributed partly to evolutionary psychology.

Men had no way to ensure paternity for thousands of years so they developed this repulsion to promiscuity in women.

Women had different issues, mainly concerning protection and provisioning for themselves and their kids. And their best chances to secure that was to secure the alpha (tribe leaders, kings, etc.) even if it meant having to share him.

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Yeah i do agree.
Mostly, if a man likes a girl he dont give kuch shit about opinions,

But females usually take a lot of opinion of their friends etc.

And yeah a man aspired by many is attractive, but whats more attractive? A man aspired by many but still choose to be chastite for only her future wife/wives.


To add on,

I have read an article or something, where a man told that he purpossfully wore a engagement ring in that finger.

(But he was single)

And his chances of getting laid increased significantly because of that.

If you know you know…

At the end we are all F**** up irrespective of Genders.

God gave us too many imperfections and only those who can controo it will go forward. Its like a video game. Thats what i believe.

And also a marriage is much more than just protection and getting s*x… It is much more.

It is emotional, physical and a spiritual union of two different bodies.

Kinhs and tribal leaders used to have many wives…


  1. High testosterone level as compared to normal male.

  2. Many were political marriages.

  3. More wives mean more kids and that is favourable for a leader as will have more options. What if they have only one son and comes out that he is dumb?


Good luck, bro! You can do this! Good work! Good work!

Good work, bro! You can do this! Good work! Good work!

kinda disgusting to me in a way, but I guess that does explain things. Truth is bitter in the end.
Makes me happy that I’m not a woman honestly, that I’m not as programmed to believe in other people’s opinion and I can believe in myself more. Not that there aren’t disgusting things about men (the counterpart to would be them losing their control in presence of any woman, highly disgusting again)
At least this forum is here for men to gain control over their sexual desires and it is possible to leave this disgusting quality.
Hopefully there are also women who don’t care what others think and could desire me for me. I mean it’s hard but doesn’t seem impossible. Not that I’d want to be desperate to have one, better to stay in control. I should keep preparing myself to be able to die alone in the end, my progress is good so far.


I think the reason is because of how our lifestyle and society have changed over time. In the past, people knew how to appreciate important things. But nowadays, many people are all about living quickly and getting things right away. People today don’t always commit to things, and they’re not patient. They don’t think deeply, and a lot of them just do what everyone else is doing. It’s like they don’t have their own thoughts or opinions – they just follow the crowd.

There’s a saying that what a group of people does can affect one person, and what one person does can affect a group. This goes around in a circle. Look at kids today – they’re more advanced than we were. They use smartphones at an age when we used to play with toys. Websites with inappropriate content are easily accessible to young minds. Once they see these things, they might believe everything they see. Then, they might not think it’s a big deal to see women as objects. So, the idea of wanting a wife who hasn’t been in a relationship before becomes less important when they’re focused on their desires.


You do have a point. But answer from your honest gut, isn’t it like top 20% of men get 80% of the girls? And it’s human nature of not letting go of the benefits. So it’s men who are disadvantaged because majority of them out of options or morals, beliefs don’t indulge in pre marital sex. Still you see the avg girl is running behind top guys just to get used and how much control an avg man has over an avg girl? Can a man restrict a woman’s choice in this feminist world? Leave that aside, as an adult shouldn’t girls also know that why to go to men who only gonna use them? How men are entirely at fault?

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You just took the words out of my mouth, this is the honest truth.

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