Why is it that people find not PMOing so hard?

In your experience

  1. why do you find it so hard to not PMO?(It’s the literal action of not doing something)
  2. do you think you lack the incentive to quit?(If someone threatened to hurt someone you loved if you didn’t quit. Surely, you would.)
    3)Therefore, would you say its more of an option and not an absolute necessity?

1.Sometimes the urge lasts for hours and is overwhelming. It’s the easy way out to give in to PMO instead of suffering through the urges.
2. The incentive to quit is there, but the urges bring me back to the decision over and over.
3. PMO is not a necessity. I agree it’s optional.


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  1. I find it hard not to PMO because it’s an addictive habit I’ve had since puberty.
  2. No, I don’t think anyone lacks the incentive. All of us who are part of this community are here because we acknowledge that this habit is a negative aspect of our lives, and giving into the habit makes us feel not in control of our lives and sometimes even depressive. So the incentive of us all is to defeat this habit and thereby regain control, which will be a big step to make us better versions of ourselves.
  3. It is an option, just as with any additive behavior or habit.
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