Why is it so hard? Kind of give my adhd brain the fault

I feel ashamed, stupid and just arh!! How can I want to stop one moment, and then the next, just fuck it all, I want to watch porn?!?
Rationally I know I should stop, that life can be so much more wonderful than my bed and porn, but still give it up :sob: it’s destroying me bit by bit, and I hate my brain.
I have hard time focusing, and like learning new things, and that became porn one day. And now my brain is fixated on it. How do I get out of this hell? I don’t know. I’m tired, and hate how everyday I need to be careful, and take a decision, I shouldn’t have to take.
Just needed to ramble, relapsed after only 2 days, and it’s just arh!?!

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Keep up the good work every one else, one day we will overcome this!


Hi bro, don’t feel ashamed, we’re all here because the fight is so difficult, internet porn is the most addictive drug! It’s free and super exiting, and together with MO, it is so addictive and very difficult to get rid of. It hacks our brain and dopamine, so our brain thinks it is the only source of enjoyment. You should feel glad because you already know the harm of it, but of course this is only the beginning, this is a long journey and we become stronger and stronger.

Please don’t blame your ADHD, this is neurodiversity and it can bring enthusiasm and passion. All you need to do is to control this energy and bring it to positive things. I suggest you can do regular meditation, so you can understand and calm down your mind, and also regular exercise to divert your energy. You may also read books and articles about willpower and habits.

It will be glorious to beat addiction to PMO and you’re meant to have a wonderful life! Let’s fight for our fabulous and fantastic future!


Like @ToThy said we all face the same struggle. Yes, the difficulty may very, but it is because of the habit and how long you have been doing it, nothing with disabilities to do.

Some habits are very easy to learn depending om the satisfaction you get out of it and the easy it is to practice and to do it in quick succession. The more frequent you practice it the harder it is going to stop.

The first week/day/ month is hard as anything imagined. Well, for a number of different reasons.

  1. Your body is so use to doing it it wanna kicks you in “auto pilot” to do it.

  2. Your thoughts play a major role in this as your body knows should you have skipped the habit what is going on and will induce an urge to do it.

  3. A thing you can’t have much control of as it happens is your hormone levels will change and will start a cycle into going for the habit.

  4. The way you manage these first days going without the habit.

See some stuff you can manage and there is probably a longer list than this yeah I know, but you got to get real and not blame ADHD for it or hate yourself for it. It sounds weird, but celebrate your 2 day success and see what is your mistake and plan to beat it.

Focus on how you can manage the urge, if you have an urge to fap shift your focus, your place if possible, exercise on the spot.

Stop making ADHD your obstical(excuse) for everything you fail at. Rather focus on the other factors that influnces you.

For example if you go to bed with your phone, it is a huge mistake when you start off in nofap as the risk to fail is high.

Sure I get it nobody tells you how to handle the urges, but that is sadly a thing you need to learn by yourself to apply your own method to it.

As it has a few variables in how to do it. As some will say he does some push-ups or other bodyweighted exercises when he feels the urge, another might say he builds legos etc. Lots of possibilities and that is because we all do our stuff we like to get away from it.

The other basic thing I learnt here and formulated a small saying. No thought, no touch no eye contact .

Try not to think about porn or when am I gonna watch it etc. Rather focus your thoughts else where and also to a specific task you like to do and also positive and motivate yourself into doing it. Mix it up make the thing you do really exciting to do that you don’t wanna skip out on doing it.

Don’t touch your mister too much. Touch only when you pee and wash it. Only a quick wash avoid long term touching in the wash.

Eye contact, don’t look at porn, don’t look at your boner too long or even not at all. I know this is kinda hard as it is awesome to have a boner even morning woods. But if you are going to look at it for a long time even if mister ain’t that excited your going to start influencing your thoughts and also wanna proceed to fap.

Learn to control these as it is hard to do, but the quicker you apply it the easier you can deal with your urges! The struggle is real and shift your thoughts in a more positive way!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!

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I have ADHD too.
If I can do it, then so can you!

Belive in yourself.


Thanks guys! You motivate me, and is grateful for the advice!
And you are right, blaming the adhd is just wrong. It might make it a bit harder, but it also gives me so much in other ways.
So will go forth, get me some new awesome habits, and shift focus. Or at least try my damn hardest. It takes time, just need to take one step at a time.


Keep going. In a year from now, you’ll thank yourself.