Why is it so hard HELP

Help me I can’t do this I’ve tried I must be weak I’ve relapsed over and over again.

Why is it so hard to do it I am in a loving relationship but my brain seems to go back too porn all the time.
Can anybody help me get through this tough time.

My brain seems to think it’s ok but I know it is messing me up ruining my relationship.

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This is one of the hardest addiction to get rid of. Before I had my girlfriend I always thought that it is normal and that it will go away as soon as I have girlfriend. But that is not the case since this is an addiction!

  • You have to figure out why you are doing it (you are probably not doing it just because it feels good because most often it feels horrible)
  • When/Where are you doing it

With these two points you can create a strategy of avoiding triggers and working on your problems. But it takes a lot of time and effort.
No one is weak because he fails. The only one who is weak is the one who doesn’t stand up again.
I relapsed countless times but each time you can learn from your relapse and you can get better.

I wish you all the strength needed!
(meditation is always a good starting point)


Like @neveragaintw said if you pay attention to what is making you fall back to the oled ways you will be able to withstand it next time.

Example You drive with your car on a bump every day on the same road and you noticed its messing with your suspension what do you do? You avoid that bump every day from that moment on the same is happening to your brain i suggest you look Into neuro mechanics and how they affect our actions on youtube its an amazing learning platfrom.


Thank you my good friends for the good advice, will be strong this time