Why I Fap and am unhappy

Hey Guys, I wanted to share the reasons I think of why I Fap

I fap because I am unhappy with my life.
I am unhappy because I don’t go out enough, I don’t meet enough people or have enough friends.
I lack social interaction.

this lack cannot be remplaced by anything, cold shower, exercicsing, reading, eating well, meditating. all those things are great but do not respond to the thing I want/need the most, fun social interaction.

I have for many years been running away from this with video games, youtube, or porn. doesn’t really matter.

No matter how many days I asbtain from porn, I won’t suddently find myself wanting to go out and meet people.
I need To go out regularly from now, to slowly be comfortable and have fun around people.
My social anxiety will slowly improve by confronting and facing it.

I am a salesman, and I call 40 people a day plus I met a lot of them, but i need to develop my social activities outside of work (which is now very low)
I plan on going out 2 to 3 times a week, and meeting new people.(thanks to meetup or other social websites)

Just like me, see if you are escaping or avoiding something that could make you happy, and face it.
It will work far better than any self developement techniques, will make you happy, and will greatly reduce the urges of fapping or porn.

Together be strong and face with me the uncomfortable thing that you really want! you are not alone!


with that, you did one of the greates and most important steps in the nofap joureny.
cold showers and this stuff is for preventing urges. it is a tool to stay abstinent. but as you said, it is not a tool for healing.

you know what you have to do to be able to get rid of porn and you now have a strategy. you will probably still need cold showers to prevent sudden urges which still will occur but you now have a much more powerfull tool