Why i am seeing seeing aisle (dating app) advertisement?

To All the Moderators or any one who could help me in Raising this issue.
I think there are people like me who are following Monk Mode and helping others who are struggling or seeking in something beyond PMO or even sexual thoughts.

For me it’s Fine you even put PORN ADVERTISEMENTS.


But there are People that have deleted Such Dating Apps and joined this App for a betterment.

So atleast they should receive a respect of not Showing These Dating Apps ADVERTISEMENT on this App.

To All who could Help me in Helping People in this Application.
Support this Topic in whatever way you can. :pray:


I’ve never gotten dating ads the whole time I’ve used Rewire.

See, the ads are personalized. Your receiving dating ads is because the ad service linked feels that those are the most appropriate ads. If you wish to change that, I suppose you could turn off ad personalisation or history.

Thanks for the concern! I believe that donating towards the Rewire App removes ads entirely.


A lot of times, they also show ads based on what people around you are searching for. Its very disgusting, but sometimes I’m showing children’s song to my niece on youtube and suddenly the tinder ad would begin playing out of nowhere and then there would be 2 ads one after another which I can’t even skip due to the length of those ads. I have just accepted that people around me are never going to change and have learned to ignore all such ads coming over here and there on all the platforms. Btw I got a free survey on this app, using which I completely got rid of the ads.



Thanks for Enlightening me on this topic brother.

Somewhere, I knew Google Adsense is to be blamed mostly for all this.

But to be Honest I am too Clean to be seeing these ads.

May be @PrDr is telling a nice thing that I might got this from people around me.

And @PrDr Thanks for sharing That Survey part, I will look for that for personal benefit.

But my Brothers
Wouldn’t you agree People who are trying to Remove all this from his/her Subconscious Mind are getting these Ads from Google Adsense (which again are putting things in Subconscious Mind of a person) could make the JOURNEY more DIFFICULT.

If I am not wrong this App is suppose to help a person on this JOURNEY not the vice versa.

If things has to be Monetized for some money. Then App Owners should to it in a right way.

After all if they had made such an App, there main PURPOSE should be to help people.
And Monetization can be done in a way so that RESPECT to be given to be the PURPOSE.



There adverts personalized by Google Ads, then you see only this things, which Google think you are interested in. So just press X button and then button I’m not interested in that

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@Sam002 What @Fizuli suggested is good.

Bruh this is how Google ads works- Google knows your age and what you search for man, and the average guy your age also- Google considers what they would search for. It’s a combination of these two.

For me, for example, I either get writing/novels or NBA ads (cause half my google searches are books or basketball) or discovery channel ads (idk about why I get that). Sometimes for some weird reason I get ads for soap :joy: I have no clue why, so maybe the dating ads are like that. Just hit the ‘x’ and state that you’re not interested in those ads.


I was getting ‘We Chat’ ads, to fix it just uninstall this app, and turn off personalized ads on your google account and reinstall this app. This will fix your ad problem :v:


Well Brothers

My Sole purpose of this Topic was to Help someone who might inhibit something unknowingly.

And with this inhibition one can go Offtrack and can Screw his Journey.

Anyway Thanks for Sharing How one can get rid of This Advertisements.

Though @Fizuli I know How ‘X’ button works :joy:
By Profesional i am a Marine Navigating Officer (i am 28 Yr Old) and on This Journey I am on Day 142 of MONK MODE.
So surely I know This much How “X” button works.

But I found this as Unethical because I feel there are many Methods of Monetizing things.

On Such a platform where one person learns How World is Brain Washing innocent People.

Atleast the Owner of such App Must Realise This and should monetize by something other than GoogleAdsense.


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Even While Typing this Reply I got my Evidence Lol.