WHY Hard mode? (the only mode)

What’s the point of fantasizing?

It accomplishes nothing.

It slows down the reboot, increases the urge to masturbate, and reinforces neurological pathways related to porn.

It’s a meaningless activity that should be eliminated.

It keeps your mind focused on sex, tits, asses, fucking , when it should be shifted towards other activities in life.

If you find yourself thinking about sex, you should mindfully and calmly redirect your attention to something else.

You want sex?


*Then do something to actually make it happen. *

Fantasizing by itself serves no purpose at all.

You need to understand that if you want to abstain from orgasm and masturbation, you cannot be thinking about sex and women, because this will inevitably cause you to relapse. Trying to abstain while at the same time fantasizing or peeking at pictures of chicks will only lead to frustration.

Stay away from any kind of artificial stimulation. Don’t take peeks. Don’t browse pictures of girls online. Don’t type pornstar names on Google image search. Don’t read escort forums.

Basically you have to adopt a philosophy of “I’m either trying to get laid (approaching, texting girls, going out on dates, flirting with women, hanging out with friends, getting rejected) or doing something completely unrelated to sex (work, studying, exercise, fun, reading, playing an instrument, chores, housework, watching movies)”.

There is no gray area where you are alone thinking about sex or checking out girls online. This accomplishes nothing. It serves no real purpose. It will only increase urges, lead to relapse, and make you frustrated.

As soon as erotic thoughts pop up in your mind, you should calmly ignore them and refocus your attention to something else. You keep practicing this forever until you master it.

You have to attack this addiction right from the root. Trying to abstain from hardcore porn accomplishes nothing if you’re still constantly fantasizing and peeking.

If you keep strengthening the mindset I talked about above, you will be making meaningful progress.

This used to be called “Monk Mode”, but I don’t like that name because it implies that you’re going to become celibate.

This isn’t about becoming celibate. This is about doing what it takes if you want to get laid, instead of wasting mental energy on sexual thoughts that will only improve the chances of relapsing.

If you ever want to achieve a long streak, you can’t be checking out girls online, even if it’s just some bikini pictures. You can’t be fantasizing when you wake up in the morning. You can’t be taking 5 second peeks at porn.

As soon as you do any of those things, this huge beast called porn addiction will take control over your prefrontal cortex and it’s just a matter of time before you relapse.

You have to be extreme.

But don’t worry, it’s much easier than it sounds.

It’s actually harder to stop yourself from relapsing once you’re already thinking about sex, than it is to not think about sex in the first place.

How do you not think about sex?


Focus your mind 100% on your life vision.



I had an orgasm while reading your post :joy::joy:. Jokes aside, well said bro. Fantasizing is the worst. I used to fantasize a lot. Not only about sex, but about having a girlfriend and having a healthy relationship with her. But it was all in my head. It made me miserable. I couldn’t concentrate in my lecture classes. All the time thinking about that fantasy. It made me loose confidence, made me shy in front of women, lowered my self esteem. I used to fap 2 times sometimes even 3 times a day. It was an instant high. I started loosing physical as well as mental energy. Then I decided this should stop. Today, 30 days after I took that decision, I am clean for a whole month. Thanks to this app and this community. Now I don’t fantasize about having a girlfriend, rather I am planning to ask a girl out(yea mate, in real life​:grin:). I can feel the confidence in me. Even if she rejects, I won’t relapse. (And btw, Monk mode sounds more could don’t ya think :sunglasses:)