Why do we masturbate?

Sometimes, I wonder ! Afterall, why do we need to do masturbate despite.of there are lot of things to replace this inner energy into others. Then Why?

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big dose of pleasure in the shortest amount of time. It’s akin to drug. It fries your brain and makes you an animal


He’s right,
When you masturbate, your brain pruduces dopamine ( hormone of pleasure ) more than it should produce normally ( 300% ) so your brain thinks that this should be the normal dose so when you do Nofap, the dose of dopamine decreases so your brain trys to fix that by following the easyest way which is Masturbation.

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That’s why why Nofap is the hardest quiting habit, masturbation is the most hormone poroduscing habit so when you start Nofap you will suffer from stress, anxiety, etc… wich are also triggers to masturbate.


yes, because of this, people become addicted and people masturbate several times a day. then this dopamine becomes scarce for them and they still get hooked on porn, at first porn will also give a good portion of dopamine, but soon this will not be enough. it’s just that a person is constantly under stress and he needs to get at least some pleasure, and he finds a way to masturbate every day, thereby forming an addiction. he does not understand that he is addicted, it seems to him that everyone masturbates and this is the norm, but the norm for a guy to masturbate 2 times a week, and not 2 times a day every day.


So u mean " masturbating 2 times a week is normal? "

Just asking as I masturbate once or sometimes twice a week

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Probably it is the easiest way to get pleasure

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yes, I read somewhere that it is normal for guys to masturbate 2 times a week, for example, the first time somewhere in the middle or beginning of the week, and the second at the end. it’s just that the body accumulates stress and tension and guys need to relieve this tension, and when a guy jerks off 2 times a week, this is the norm, but not more than 2-3 times a week, then this is already an addiction. but most of the people on this forum are addicts and would rather not masturbate at all.

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No no no no What?:fire::fire::fire::fire:
How could you say that masturbation is healthy " once or twice a week is healthy :nerd_face:"
None since, people wants to hear good things on their bad habits, don’t believe that stupid Google, after all those porn images you still believe him?
You will never feel pleasure, free, in your life if you are a slave to your emotions.

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If masturbation was healthy then please tell me how fapping has emproved your life.
Some people fap every week or two and they feel the same negative effects effects:

  1. Masturbation weakens you. It drains your body of protein and calcium content

  2. Masturbation creates nervousness as well as neurological problems

  3. Masturbation is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction.

  4. The trend leads to addiction and controlling it is a very big menace.

  5. Masturbation creates drowsiness since one will be sleeping most of the time after the ejaculation.

  6. Masturbation causes strain and stress in your mind and soul.

  7. Masturbation also affects the addict psychologically, creating depression after ejaculation and it makes one feel bad on his own.

  8. Getting red hot during masturbation will give a bad name to that environment as it is an indecent activity.

  9. Masturbation leads you to the noxious problem that you cannot see a person of the opposite sex without a single thought of sex.

  10. Masturbation creates the urge to do indefinitely since it doesn’t see the people, place, and culture. It, therefore, makes you dig into worse sexual problems if the chance presents itself.

  11. Masturbation induces homosexuals in colleges, hostels, and schools. Mostly this creates sexually transmitted diseases like VD, syphilis, AIDS, etc.

  12. Masturbation is the major reason for speedy sperm release when having sexual intercourse. It will create your dissatisfaction as well as for your wife.

  13. Over masturbation will reduce your sperm count. Couples that desire to conceive should not masturbate.

  14. The seminal fluid which gets released during masturbation contains proteins needed for many metabolic activities as well as cell formations. These proteins are our bodies’ building blocks. Ejaculation will create you to be lean and distract your metabolism from muscle building.

  15. Ethically masturbation is wrong. It is against culture and societal values.

  16. Masturbation will waste your time and in turn make you feel useless.

  17. The pleasure derived from masturbation never lasts for a long time.

  18. Masturbation will lead you to illegal contacts since the urge increases every day and will finally lead to the search for a source for sexual pleasure.

  19. Masturbation creates more problems as one loses memory and thought-provoking ability.

  20. People who masturbate will lose sexual interest in their partners very soon. They cannot feel pleasure for long.


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