Why do I not feel benefits?

I have been on hard mode for 16 days now and the urges are as strong as ever right now. People say they start to feel benefits after a week but at day 17 I feel no benefits at all. In fact my mind feels more cluttered and my life feels more cluttered than it did before. I am only 16 so it might be hormones or something but shit this is infuriating. Let me know if you have any advice or experience with this.


no worry. Don’t focus on benefits.
Sure it is nice to have some but the most important part is, that porn doesn’t destroy your life. You are very young which is amazing to see. you can have a great, porn-free life in front of you.

I guess how many benefits you experience also depends on how bad the negative effects were.
What do you wish to feel?

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Erection benefits you will see at dsy50-60. I in my case

(Disclaimer: I dont know your exact situation but just generalizing the scenario)

One reason for not seeing benefits may also be that at this young age you might have not been much affected by the PMO addiction. People see drastic changes in their life because pmo has been fucking with their lives lives for almost a decade or more and eventually they start losing opportunities in their life which further worsens their lives. In your case you might haven’t felt the psychological side effects of pmo yet.

But if you keep doing what you are doing and dont relapse and fall back again into the vicious trap of PMO, then I can promise that later in life you will see optimum difference between your achievements and those of your counterparts with pmo addiction.

Stay Strong Brother, Happy Nofapping


I am also on day 16.
Things are also going bad for me.
Ups & Downs of Energy.
But 16 days are nothing to think of change. Atleast Go for 31 days of Hard Mode.

Dude you are 16! And you are on nofap consider yourself Lucky, because if you put alot of discipline in this you will benefit alot, 16 days on nofap is very little but it shows that you have what it takes to achieve peace, its after 90 days that you will notice some changes well for me atleast, i just want to be honest with you, its a hard journey but ita fruits are worth it.


It’s good reason to not fap but benifits will be shown a limited period of time. Some time you feel great energy, pleasureful & amazed but you will feel like nothing on flatlines

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For me noticable changes start from 21 day. Rememver to not block urges, letem happen and allow yourself to feel not comfortable with that, dont try to get rid of it, even let it grow if you are strong enough


You will feel benefits When your dopamine levels get normal, If you don’t feel any benefits then you should know if you’re addicted to porn and masterbation in first place, Porn addiction and masterbation withdrawals are different, But if you just do masterbation then withdrawals also be different.