Why blockers WON'T work and new app for Windows & Android which might help you (with NoPMO and Digital Addiction)

In his book"Power over Pornography" (POP) Brian Brandenburg talks about the 4 paths to failure SAPS:

  • Suppress (to not acknowledge temptation)
  • Avoid (avoid triggers)
  • Protect (filters, blockers, extensions, programs)
  • Substitute (cold showers, workouts instead of pmo)

All those paths have in common that you (may) give up your responsibility and ignore your power of choice!

I take myself as example: I’ve used the best blockers combined. I even paid for FocusMe (the best blocker software) which would even make it impossible to access P with VPN! But a real addict (like I am) will go to page 50 of google search results only in the hope to find some pictures or sth that isn’t blocked. I watched the most disgusting stuff by trying to bypass filters!

(Of course there are some exceptions, e.g. blockers might be useful to protect those who never watched porn in the first place. I’m going to make a post about the best solutions soon)

What do I recommend?

Read POP: https://1lib.ch/s/power%20over%20pornography (or at least the summary I put together: Just Paste Me)

(Warning: Big fat selfpromotion incoming!)
Instead of blockers download applications which remind you of your responsibility to make conscious choices!:
iChooseTo (for Windows): “Panic button” & conscious computer usage
This program asks you for your intention and reminds you of it each time you use your computer. Also it allows you to lock yourself out of your computer by pressing a hotkey (“Breaks”).
iChooseTo (for Android): Mindful smartphone usage
Asks you if you really want to use specific apps (or even if you want to use your device). Really helpful. Better than blocking is when you don’t use your phone for this stuff in the first place!
ActuFlow (for iOS): similar to iChooseTo for Android :slight_smile:

Yes - I am the developer of iChooseTo and I am not perfect at all (only day 4 of nofap) but I know POP works (because of @premds ) and I would be happy to provide the paid version of my application for you for free if you want it!

I hope this was helpful and I sincerely wish you a nice day


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