Who will be the King πŸ‘‘

I want to target the persons who are still struggling hard to quit PMO but find no way to quit like me. I created this event for those who face many failures and want to succeed.

After reading everyone views, I arrived at this conclusion :point_down:t2:


  1. There are total 8 Ranks in this event:-
    a. Baron(10 days):- This title is given to those participants who achieved 10days.
    b. Viscount(15 days):- This title is given to those participants who achieved 15 days.
    c. Earl(30 days):- This title is given to those participants who achieved 30 days.
    d. Marquess(45days):- This title is given to those participants who achieved 45 days.
    e. Prince(60days):- This title is given to those participants who achieved 60 days.
    f. Duke(90days):- This title is given to those participants who achieved 90 days.
    g. King(100days):- This title is given to those participants who achieved 100 days.
    h. King of Kings:- This tittle is exclusively for those participants who did not relapse.
  2. If every participant relapses, than the participant with the minimum no. of relapses will be the king of kings.
  3. If there are more than 1 participants with the same no. of relapses, then their will be a last man standing match between them, the participant who will win the last man standing match become the King of Kings.
  4. If a participant relapses more than 5 times than he or she will be eliminated.
  5. The event will begin on May 1 and the last date of participation is 30 April 2019.
    a. Counting(streak) begins on May 1 2019.
    b. On May 1 streak begins from 0 in order to maintain simplicity.
    c. Everybody have to update their streak on the scoreboard regularly (atleast once a week).
    d. After 7 days if a participant doesn’t update his/her streak than a warning will be given.
    e. After the warning if any participant doesn’t update his/her streak within 2 days then he/ she will be eliminated.

New rules can be added as required

Why I want to create a group - I want to motivate all those who face failures and want to conquer their addiction.

A big shoutout to the original creator of this group: @sikandar2907
Thanks a lot for giving us this Battle. We wish you good luck in your NoFap journey as well as your Studies and Career.
Thanks again!!


:crown: SCOREBOARD :crown:


:gem: Redemption84 :crown: (tatgsw)》Days 116




:droplet::droplet::droplet::droplet::droplet: :open_umbrella:Water:open_umbrella::droplet::droplet::droplet::droplet::droplet::droplet:

:warning: Viijayy:medal_sports: (2b3e8f7)》Days 67

:chains::chains::chains::chains::chains::chains::skull:The Hell:skull::chains::chains::chains::chains::chains:
:chains::chains::chains::chains::skull:Defeated Warriors:skull::chains::chains::chains::chains:

:coffin: RIP ConanDarkknight
:coffin: RIP Proboxer911
:coffin: RIP Ghost0611
:coffin: RIP Shino
:coffin: RIP Jtopes
:coffin: RIP Alex_time_to_change
:coffin: RIP Batish
:coffin: RIP Cptforce123
:coffin: RIP RoadToFreedom
:coffin: RIP Eddy21
:coffin: RIP Gunsblazing
:coffin: RIP Salehissa
:coffin: RIP Chady025
:coffin: RIP Love2hate
:coffin: RIP wiseking
:coffin: RIP Teenelevation
:coffin: RIP MU99

:no_entry_sign: RebootGabe
:no_entry_sign: Tee91
:no_entry_sign: Felipeb
:no_entry_sign: Ghoainthebarn
:no_entry_sign: rah110
:no_entry_sign: Tiger
:no_entry_sign: Jeevanf135
:no_entry_sign: Mralpha93
:no_entry_sign: ThisIsFine
:no_entry_sign: AbCxYz110
:no_entry_sign: iwillnotfap
:no_entry_sign: JWit356
:no_entry_sign: mykelz
:no_entry_sign: Sikandar2907
:no_entry_sign: Fralle
:no_entry_sign: ejuile
:no_entry_sign: Martial_Beast
:no_entry_sign: Invincible_Knight
:no_entry_sign: ra29
:no_entry_sign: andra’
:no_entry_sign: alikhan
:no_entry_sign: jatinmangla
:no_entry_sign: NewCreationTom35
:no_entry_sign: kingfilip
:no_entry_sign: blackperl
:no_entry_sign: Freakshow_666
:no_entry_sign: anon93925366
:no_entry_sign: KillerAttitude
:no_entry_sign: pinkpanther
:no_entry_sign: MaisumAli
:no_entry_sign: Exhander
:no_entry_sign: Amitkum689
:no_entry_sign: Black_knight
:no_entry_sign: Stealthyninja349
:no_entry_sign: Lok25
:no_entry_sign: JorgeCMP
:no_entry_sign: Creampiemaster

:gem: = 5 :shield: :reminder_ribbon: = Baron | :1st_place_medal: = Duke
:fleur_de_lis: = 4 :shield: :medal_military: = Viscount | :crown: = King
:trident: = 3 :shield: :medal_sports: = Earl | :prince:= Emperor
:beginner: = 2 :shield: :3rd_place_medal: = Marquess
:warning: = 1 :shield: :2nd_place_medal: = Prince

1.Snow :snowflake:= Cool :sunglasses: (5 :shield:)
2.Fire :fire: = Angry, fire in heart :rage:(1 :shield: lost)
3.Thunder :zap: = More aggressive :imp: (2 :shield: lost)
4.Cloud :cloud: = Clouds of illusion :fearful:, what to do now (3 :shield: lost)
5.Water :droplet:= Only a drop of water left :sweat:, one hope left (only :shield: left)

Users with trust level 1 and above only, can edit the scoreboard to update their streak. If you are at trust level 0/new on forum, spend some time in the forum you will be upgraded automatically889


Sharing code: 7u9ze1

Current streak: 30

Highest streak: 30

Age: 25

Gender: M

Location: United States (California)

Marital status: Single

Count me in!!!

Warrior No. 1 @RebootGabe

Welcome bro, please mention your marital status.
New rule no.8 is added, please take a look.

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Warrior No.2 @sikandar2907

Its me.

I edited it. Tomorrow will be 31 days for me.

I’m in!

Sharing code - zpz6yq
Current streak - 5 days
Highest streak - 14 days
Age - 26
Gender - M
Marital status - S
Location - Trinidad & Tobago

First time partaking in a group. The drive to succeed is legit lol

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Warrior No.3 @chady025
Welcome brother, be prepare the event starts on May 1

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All the buddies in the community join us to fight together againt PMO that spoil our life.

#Fight Together
#Overcome Together

Rule no. 1 had changed, now anyone with a streak less than 100 days can join.

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Sharing code - w3a6bg
Current streak - 3 days
Highest streak - 42 days
Age - 21
Gender - F
Marital status - single
Location - Nigeria


Warrior No. 4 @ejuile
Welcome here, i hope you read all the rules.
Wish you all the bestπŸ‘, the event will begin on May 1

Thanks for joining us🀝🏻😊

Sharing code - xatx66
Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 27 days
Age - 20
Gender - M
Marital status - S
Location - India :india:


Warrior No. 5 @Martial_Beast
Welcome brother, i hope your motivation will increase by this event and you will beat PMO.

Thanks for joining us :handshake:
#Fight together
#Overcome together

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Male 22
Cs 2
Hs 26

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Warrior No. 6 @batish
Welcome bro, please read all the rules.
The event will begin on May 1, best of luck :v:t2:

#Fight together
#Overcome together

Sharing code - gikftm
Current streak - 3 days (monk mode)
Highest streak - 8 days (monk mode)
Age - 28
Gender - Male
Marital status - In relationship (no sex)
Location - Greece

Let’s do this!!

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Warrior No. 7 @alex_time_to_change
You are most welcome :handshake::handshake:
Thanks for joining :clap:t2:

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Add me in this squad
Sharing code : 4fcb57
Country : India
Male , 21 years
Current streak : 8 Days
Highest Streak : 131 Days


Sharing code -ak2fmt
Country india
Current streak 1day
Highest streak 4days
Male 26years


Warrior No. 8 @17ripu.jhala &
Warrior No. 9 @blackperl
I welcome both of you guys. I hope you read all the rules carefully.
Thanks for joining this event :handshake:

#Fight together
#Overcome together