Who wanna start with me till dec plz join

Sharing code - jb4y4m*

Current streak - 0 days *
Highest streak - 54 days *
Age - 22
Gender - M
Location - AUS

Why I want a companion - * To change my present


Am with you bro :muscle: , till December end.

Sharing code : obaj6l
Current streak : 13 days
Highest streak : 15 days

Why I want a companion - want to be best of myself

And to get my longest streak.

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My code : 32dc1d

Current streak - 0days
Highest streak - 29 days
Age -22
Location - India

may competing help do long streaks and help loose my urges with the challenge in mind.


I’m with you.

My code: o2mfh8


I am adding you bro.


My code : a5ssyg
Current streak -3 days
H9ghest streak- 2 days


Add please sharing code: wunloi


Please add me.
My code : atnoin

Current streak - 23 days*
Highest streak - 23 days*
Age -27
Location - India

Thank you!!


Sharing code - 9rm33g

Current streak - 2days *
Highest streak - 7 days *
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location -India


Sharing code - 1az809

Current streak - 2days *
Highest streak - 23 days
Age - 21
Gender - F
Location -India

PS: dont pm me plz


I am curious how does this "group"post actually works in rewire community? could you please tell me ?
I understood,by adding individual code we can add as a friend. but is there something like all persons can see each other’s strike or something like that?

I might feel better, if someone like me there along the way by thinking that i’ve shared my code above.Then what’s next ?
Current streak mine is 24* but slowly its getting darker for me. The more days passing the higher argue i am getting inside me. Not sure how long i can travel !
I ll be glad if someone helps me out. I promise won’t going to trouble by pinging or any shorts of troubling others life. TIA :slight_smile:

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Plss add mee too bro…
My sharing code ;5ip76b

Current streak - 0 days *
Highest streak - 14 days *
Age - 19
Gender - M
Location - IND

Why I want a companion - * IN ORDER TO SURVIVE

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Add me
Sharing code: hmbuoo

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I have added u as my companion. Let’s do it :+1:

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